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Collaborate. Scale.

Helping the hosting industry change the world for the better.

Speed & Security

Flexibility & Scalability

Better Collaboration

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API Development

Every project starts with an idea. If you need API-related support, including API development or integration, contact ApiHawk today for a free quote and a consultation.

Hosting Knowhow

With more than 18 years of hosting experience and a successful exit in 2021, we know the right path to achieve your goals. From business to operations. Our Hawks are ready to rock. 

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Automation is our blood type.

We build scalable APIs in minutes. With our powerful API engine, we can deliver every need in no time. 

REST, HAL, HATEOAS, oAuth, Content Negotiation, HTTP2, TCP, SDK are not just fancy words for us.


Designed to scale



Service Automation

Our in-house piece of the art AppCell® software can integrate with every 3rd party vendor. No matter if you need a basic EPP integration or a complex cloud solution, we can achieve it all.


If you plan to out-staff your development team, we are the right company for you. We know your business, and we are the best outsourcing destination in Europe

Process Automation

Every scale-up requires automation. If you plan to hit new markets, sell new products, reduce costs or just to improve your business, we can automate every aspect of it. 


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