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API Consultation & Development

When talking about building APIs, at ApiHawk, we like to think of it as creating the right choice for your business. For every client this process is strictly personal - they provide not just any essential information or simple requests. Clients provide their future vision for their company and business. We take that very seriously, and our goal is to exceed their expectations.

API Architecture. REST, HAL, HATEOAS, oAuth, Content Negotiation, HTTP2/3, TCP, and SDK are not just fancy words for us.


Authentication with OAuth2.0

Become identify provider with our powerful oAuth2 server

Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)

API based access control. Allow/Deny access to specific API, group or method

Query Builder

Search & filter resource based data via unified GET params. 

API Throttling

Rate limiting to control the rate of traffic received and protect your server


Easily switch between languages via request header field. System automatically translate every resource

Automatic Data Pagination

Meta links to the next and previous data

Code generator commands

Create DB connected resources in a minutes. Our API engine will generate full featured API based on db structure

Social Authentication

Social Authentication supported out of the box "Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc."

All oAuth2 and OpenID servers are supported. 

Data Caching

Auto cache in Redis with with auto clearing on Create, Update and Delete

We can develop every API

Hypermedia as the Engine of Application State

When you need to solve complex software problems and build tangled solutions but are not sure whether you are on the right path, that is not a problem. We recognize the struggle and are here to help! Our hawk developers will assist you in developing an accurate action plan as per your business model and preferences and will execute it with the highest quality.


HATEOAS (Hypermedia as the Engine of Application State) is a constraint of the REST application architecture. HATEOAS keeps the REST style architecture unique from most other network application architectures.

The term “hypermedia” refers to any content that contains links to other forms of media such as images, movies, and text.

REST architectural style lets us use the hypermedia links in the API response contents. It allows the client to dynamically navigate to the appropriate resources by traversing the hypermedia links.

Navigating hypermedia links is conceptually the same as browsing through web pages by clicking the relevant hyperlinks to achieve a final goal.

For example, the given below JSON response may be from an API like HTTP GET

Example Response:

           "href": "https:\/\/\/reseller\/domain\/64"
   "_language": {
       "translations": []

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