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EPP Manager

A fresh and easy to use GUI to manage EPP connections. The software connects to your EPP and assists in the management and registration of domains and their contacts

Secure & Scalable

API for every feature

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ApiHawk's EPP Manager

A fresh and easy-to-use GUI to manage EPP connections. The software connects to your EPP and assists in the management and registration of domains and their contacts. The user-friendly design of the panel proves convenient for businesses and Administrators to quickly and easily perform any domain-related tasks, such as running Registry checks, transfers, and obtaining details on host information.

Designed for Registries

Used by Finish Government

On-premises deployment



Functionalities that the ApiHawk EPP Manager supports include:

  1. Process summary - the Dashboard visualizes summarized information on the account balance and EPP certificate timeframe validity.

  2. Domain information - find information about a specified domain name.

  3. Domain check - run a check on a domain to see its availability status.


  1. Domain registration - easily register a domain and its settings.

  2. Transfer - transfer a domain between Registrars or change the Registrant of the domain. 

  3. Delete domain - mark a domain for the deletion or cancel its deletion procedure.

  4. Registry lock - perform a registry lock on a domain to protect it from the unauthorized transfer, updates, or deletion.

  5. Contact information - get detailed information about an EPP contact.

  6. Contact check - check for an EPP contact.

  7. Create contact - create a new contact in the role of “Registrant” where it can be a private person, a company, a corporation, an institution, a political party, a township, a government, or a public community. 

  8. Host information - get details about a hostname and check its availability.

  9. Create host - add a new host to the system.

  10. Poll - retrieve service messages queued by the EPP server.

  11. Users management - manages the users, a.k.a Administrators of the platform, where their details are accessible. Can also change passwords from here.

  12. Whitelist - whitelist a username (email address) per IP address to be able to log in and operate on the platform. The IP can be set as a “single IP” or “IP range”.

What is EPP?


Extensible Provisioning Protocol is a stateful XML protocol. It is designed for allocating objects within registries over the Internet. The goal of the EPP is to provide communication between domain name registries and domain name registrars. Through this communication domain names can be registered and renewed. Before EPP, registries used many different proprietary interfaces. 

The process of obtaining domain-related information over EPP is as it goes:

  1. The customer looks up and orders a domain from a Domain Registrar;

  2. The Domain Registrar checks the order and sends an EPP request to the Domain Registry;

  3. The Registry checks the order, updates the database and returns EPP confirmation to the Domain Registrar;

  4. The Domain Registrar returns order confirmation back to the customer.

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