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Your development team in Eastern Europe

If you're looking to scale up your team or speed up your software delivery, ApiHawk can help.  Hire an offshore development team from Bulgaria, the silicon valley of Europe with a wide talent pool of diverse-skilled developers.

There are always opportunities for talented people to join your team while managing them remotely

Great Location

Just in the heart of Europe, a member of the EU, Bulgaria best destination to outsource  dev team.

Quick access to great talent

A pool of great developers is available at highly competitive costs.

Pay no recruitment fees 

You do not need to hire expensive HR agencies to find the right people. 

Keep all the control

Everything is done your way, your roadmap, and your vision. 

Lower rates

Benefits of having teams in place where taxes and living costs are less expensive.  

Hosting experience

We know the industry. The learning curve is quite short. 

Outstaff in Europe

Outstaffing at it's finest

Outstaffing helps businesses to cover all the IT talent gaps, reduce their IT-related expenses, improve their product’s time-to-market, enhance their in-house team’s skills, and much more. That’s why outstaffing is quickly gaining its popularity, becoming one of the leading models among other outsourcing practices.


  • Access to Innovations and Digital Expertise

  • Freedom from Strict Local Employment Laws

  • Faster Time to Market

  • Flexible Teams

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