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We know hosting,
automation and APIs

Software development and strategic consultancy for hosters

Hosting Industry Knowhow

We are in the web hosting field since 2004. We've seen the industry transformation with our own eyes building a successful hosting business.


We know automation, and we love it. We've built quite a few.  With Appcell, our in-house developed standard we enable automation at a huge scale.


APIs are in our DNA. We can help you build, improve or integrate APIs in your business and product. Our 10+ years of APIs development background will be in your favor.

We are creating great products 

Billing & Automation for hosting providers

All the tools you need to run a modern hosting business.





Billia is Next Gen Billing & Automation Software for Hosters and Telcos. Designed to ease the management and increase revenue. Billia handles the process, from the management of clients and staff, empowering customer purchasing journey, collecting payments, and services automation. Subscriptions, pay-as-you-use, one-time services - everything is covered by Billia

Why ApiHawk

We know the hosting industry. We've bootstrapped one of the biggest hosting companies in Bulgaria with a successful exit in 2021 

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With more than 18+ years of hosting industry experience, ApiHawk founders can help you become a market leader

We can assist you with tools development, product integration, or just know-how. 


Our core expertise is automation. We can help you automate your processes and increase your revenue-per-employee

Build 3rd party integrations

Automate processes

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No API is too tough for us!

Do you need to develop or integrate APIs? Our Hawks are here to help you.

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