Billia Technical Support

Do you need professional technical help? Do you have questions about your new Billia software? Do you need assistance with any occurring problems?

Our team of system administrators and certified technicians will help you with the administration and technical securitization of your Billia software. Factors, such as 24/7 service, quick responses and professional attitude, are key components of Billia’s support. Depending on your needs and preferences, you can choose from three types of technical support - hourly-based, subscription-based or premium.

Hourly-based technical support

You can take advantage of our hourly-based technical support in the case of a timely intervention or assistance with an unexpected problem with your Billia software.

This type of support also includes short-term technical difficulties such as server audits, installations of specific modules, security checks, etc. The hourly technical support refers to the installation, configuration and administration of your purchased Billia components, but it does not include error corrections in your own software nor its optimization.

Our hourly-based technical support service costs per already started technical hour. One of our System Administrators will in advance inform you on the complexity of your technical query, the reason for the occurred technical problem, all possible solutions for it and how many technical hours that would take.

Subscription-based technical support

ApiHawk also offers subscription-based technical support to all users of Billia services, who are not IT experts or don’t have system administrators to help in their team.

The subscription-based technical support includes up to 6 technical hours per month. Within that time one of our System Administrators will assist you with all of your queries, questions and issues regarding installing, configuring and pre-configuring your Billia. Subscription-based support has three levels - Basic, Premium and Corporate.

Premium Technical Support

The third Billia support type is Premium support. It is offered with Billia’s full Enterprise package - “The Leader”.

Billia’s Premium support is unlimited within reasonable efforts, which refers to efforts that are reasonable in the circumstances, all things considered. What is determined as reasonable in the specific circumstances would depend on the facts of the particular case.

Billia Premium support is offered for the first two years with “The Leader” package and includes automatic software updates, direct operations support, 24/7 SLA and warranty support, and more. You can find more information on SLA and warranty support on this page.

Time- and Pricetables

ServicePriceIncluded hours-
Consultation on a projectFree-SEND INQUIRY
Basic subscription-based technical support90 EUR/mo.4 hrs.PURCHASE
Premium subscription-based technical support240 EUR/mo.6 hrs.PURCHASE
Corporate subscription-based technical supportUpon requestBy defaultREQUEST OFFER
24/7 Proactive monitoring of Cloud/purchased server30 EUR/mo.N/APURCHASE

With every purchased subscription for System Administration you get a free 24/7 Proactive monitoring on a component of your choice - Network, Web server, CPU load, RBL blacklist, Telnet, etc.

Reserved hours for planned activities and audits - Basic (1 hour), premium (2 hrs.).

ServicePriceResponse time-
Consultation on a projectFree-SEND INQUIRY
Technical hour60 EUR/hour startedup to 24 hrs.PURCHASE
Urgent technical hour156 EUR/hour startedup to 30 min.PURCHASE
Technical hour - x3 pack150 EUR/3 hrs.up to 24 hrs.REQUEST OFFER
Technical hour - x5 pack210 EUR/5 hrs.up to 24 hrs.PURCHASE

In the case an Urgent Technical Hour needs to be used, if a package is available, it is charged as 3 technical hours.