Software development

We build next gen API based software

Software development

Your ideas become a reality

We help realize your ideas and vision into a solution worthy for your business! Contact our hawks and together we’ll create your custom software/API as per your specific preferences. We specialize in programming and software/API development in a vast range.


Our area of expertise and work ethics include:

apihawk approved

  • Building secure solutions;
  • Development which prevents XSS, SQL injections, CSRF, most common exploits, brute force, etc.;
  • Using the best software development practices — Agile, Lean, SCRUM, Waterfall, Prototype, Incremental, etc.;
  • Flexible, modular and self-contained practices;
  • Well-maintained client communication;
  • API and software development consulting;
  • Professional and knowledgeable team;
  • Quality ensured process and end-result.

ApiHawks’ software development methodology:

  1. Thorough business analysis of the client’s needs and expectations.
  2. Setting up and proposing a detailed action plan, choosing the most appropriate for the situation work processes, while at the same time considering the actual size of the project.
  3. Agreeing on a time frame for the projects’ development, testing and deployment phases. Simultaneously, room for bug fixing is considered by default. This ensures the general development process will not to be delayed by “unforeseen errors”. We, at ApiHawk, are realists and know that excellent results get achieved by overcoming obstacles; no API is created flawless form the start.
  4. Considering the resources needed and developing the desired software/API while maintaining communication with the client.
  5. Presenting a completed product, testing, bug fixing.
  6. Deploying the product.

Billia's configuration is custom!

Our best product and greatest achievement yet, the Billia engine, is fully customizable, as well!

You can get all the amazing Billia functionalities tailored to your preferences, needs and business structure. We believe that no company should have to change or be modified just because they have found a solution they want to implement.

What can be customized in Billia that it makes it so convenient?

  1. Easily scalable - we integrate it to your business with consideration of its size, so you wouldn’t need to change a thing. Further on, Billia will grow alongside your business and with its tempo. We use the latest technology standards to guarantee your success. All of our solutions are microservices deployed on your Kubernetes cluster
  2. Various components - Billia is comprised of various logical components. Each of them is completely integratable on its own so you can choose if you want some or all of them. You can also reuse them, e.g. - you could use our DocumentManager software to generate your custom PDF contracts, protocols or acceptance reports
  3. Effortless data migration - we have developed a custom service that will integrate Billia to your business and will migrate your information to the new platforms safely and securely.
  4. Third party integration - Billia’s amazing integration capabilities allow for any third party app/software to be configured as a plugin. ApiHawk has developed a powerful integrational software, called AppCell, that allows you to have a dynamic plugin infrastructure for every software you need.
  5. Branding - design your Billia panels and interface the way you want.
  6. Document & Email templates - don’t work with predefined templates only. We know you want flexibility, so with Billia you can create your own document and email templates for any occasion.
  7. Powerful Catalog - your business, your products, your services, your choice! Billia has a powerful Catalog where you can configure your products in detail.
  8. Payment methods - Billia’s Payment gateway component ensures the use of over 70 types of payment methods. If we do not support any local vendor, just contact us, we can integrate it for you.
  9. Automate processes - Billia’s automation features give you the freedom to decide what processes and events to automate and on what scale. All is done with the power of ApiHawk Eventor.
  10. Marketing - another feature, part of Billia, that provides multiple marketing strategies which you decide how to be presented and where to be applied. We already support a huge pool of upselling features, but if you have an original marketing strategy, just contact us. We can achieve your goals.


  • Custom Development

    When you love your product, but also need advice and/or assistance on how to modify it to best fit your needs, then ApiHawk is your best friend! We are right here to tailor-make the perfect solution for you and only you. Our unique engine is flexible and powerful enough to fulfill all of your requests.

  • Software Product Development

    When you have one crazy idea for a software you know will blow the market away after launch, who are you going to call? ApiHawk! Our team is comprised of experts in the web industry that are here to code and build your idea into reality. We can make you the next IT superhero.

  • UX Design & Prototyping

    When you feel like your website could be better but you can’t figure out how, we are here to tell you all is possible! Our UX Hawks can give you great insights on how to improve your customers' experience.

  • Enterprise Application Integration

    When you have grown to be extremely successful but the pace is too fast to keep up with, what should you do? Not sure how to scale without losing your loyal customers? No worries, drop us a line, we have some ideas for you.

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