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When you know - you grow

At ApiHawk we know how starting a business and being new in the hosting industry can be difficult and confusing. Even established company brands need additional advice every now and then. The software and hosting industries are known to have the tendency of experiencing rapid changes and developments, that sometimes can take us by surprise.

There is nothing wrong with that! This is how the industry is expected to progress and this is why we are here to help.

We, at ApiHawk can consult you on how to improve your business and become a leader in your area. Hosting 101 is the must-have knowledge for every starting company and we are here to share it. Our Hawks are experts in all areas required for a hosting company to become successful.

These include and are not limited to:

  • Consulting on practical knowledge on hosting and industry practices and processes;
  • Consulting on UI and UX;
  • Consulting on Operations and Development to Building Infrastructures;
  • Consulting on Business Intelligence and Management;
  • Consulting on best practices during industry and business area fluctuations, etc.

We can help with..

  • Operations

    Do you need assistance building your business infrastructure? Do you want to sell a more complex technical product, or maybe you just need an audit on your backbone network? We can help with all that.

  • Business

    Are you not sure how to successfully sell? Do you need advice on how to build your VAS (Value-Added Service) portfolio? Being established business professionals, our hawks are the people for the job.

  • Web Face

    Do you want to improve your corporate identity or do you just need advice on what your clients would best prefer? Our UX hawks are experts in this area.

  • Automation

    Your business will best grow if it is automated! Our primary expertise is how to make your business autonomous. Being able to sell and manage products without human interaction is our biggest strength.

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