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    ApiHawk Billia

    Billia is Next Generation Billing & Automation Software for Hosters and Telcos. Designed to ease the management of your ISP company. It provides full control over your system—from clients and staff to orders and transactions, as well as automation of all product. Subscription-based, pay-to-use and one-time services - everything is covered by Billia

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    ApiHawk Gear

    The ability to place your business on a large scale, when that is imperative, is fundamental in the process of making business nowadays. It is of key importance to each company to be able to easily adapt to the circumstances and the market

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    ApiHawk Hawks

    Our Hawks are experts in different areas. From software developing and consulting, to business analysis and consulting how to improve your corporate face.

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    ApiHawk CMS

    We have powerful and flexible CMS which can easily fit your needs without worrying how to scale it, translate it or secure it.

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  • UX design & Prototyping

    The corporate identity in terms of design is of key importance when talking about UX. The more integrated it is with the rest of the toolkit, the more easily it could be handled with.
 We should also not forget the wide range of opportunities that present an excellent enterprise solution.

  • Custom development

    Our way of programming ensures building the most secured solutions preventing XSS, SQL injection, CSRF, most common exploits, brute force, etc. Our way of work characterize itself with flexibility and modular as well self-contained practices and quality ensured in using the best software development practices — Agile, Lean, SCRUM, Waterfall, Prototype, Incremental, etc.

  • API Consulting

    You need to solve complex software problems and build tangled solutions, but you are not sure whether you are on the right way? No problem, because our hawks will help you achieve the result you want.

    We devise our recommendations on the basis of diligent analysis, taking into account code, processes, security, and architecture. In the end we deliver high-quality and sophisticated PHP- based solution which match completely your business ideas, as well as individual processes that will guide your company step by step towards safe and efficient software development.

  • Consulting

    Having established more than five successful hosting companies, we at ApiHawk can consult you on how to improve your business and become a leader in your area.

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