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AppCell integrations

ApiHawk Appcell provides you with an API-based solution for managing your products and services The wide range of supported vendors is ever-growing and if your vendor isn't on the list we can integrate it in no time. We do this faster and more efficiently than any other automation provider out there.

  • CM4All
  • cMailPro
  • cPanel
  • Jelastic
  • Kerio Connect
  • Kubernetes
  • OnApp
  • Plesk
  • PowerDNS
  • Reseller club
  • SSLstore
  • Virtuozzo


  • Standardization

    The key standards that ApiHawk AppCell® strictly follows form the foundation on which is based the broad deployment of this product in any type of business, regardless of the dynamics and the environmental conditions.

  • Еxtended development

    ApiHawk AppCell® provides convenient integration with well-known global service providers in the field of hosting products including:OnApp, cPanel, Odin, ResselerClubm Kubernetes, etc. This guarantees maximum compatibility and facilities in need of further applications and balance of the software tasks with other solutions and products that you already use.

  • Dynamic Dependencies

    Thanks to the excellent design of AppCell you can be completely autonomous in terms of network communication between the individual components of your system and not worry about problems on the low level at the integration of 3rd party solutions. During the development of the ApiHawk AppCell® has been paid serious attention to this perspective, aiming not to disturb the work of our partners and to ensure 100% integrity in the field of the particular company that is using the product.

  • Cross promoting

    This tool allows easy cross promoting and sale of additional services to clients that are directly interested in that.

    Which are the advantages of these opportunities in ApiHawk AppCell®: Lower price promotion; Maximum effective targeting; Significant increase of the sales.

  • Decrease Sales Cycle

    Through the means of accelerated integration and less resources necessary for maintenance, you will be able to significantly increase your sales in a short period of time. Furthermore, AppCell provides a number of additional features that will help you to manage effectively the entire process: SDK, Proactive triggers, Unified error system, Multiserver support, Retry Strategy, etc. In case you want an integration of additional suppliers of ISP services to suit your needs, that can be quickly and easily implemented, to ensure high efficiency in handling with the product.

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