ApiHawk Prime is Next Generation Billing & Automation Software for Hosters and Telcos. Designed to ease the management of your ISP company. It provides full control over your system. Prime easily handles management of clients and staff, orders and transactions and product automation. Subscription-based, pay-to-use and one-time services - everything is covered by Prime

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How it Works

Unlike other similar products, ApiHawk Prime® is entirely event based, while also covering tasks that might arise from the occurrence of these events. According to the specific needs of the business for each of these events, ApiHawk Prime® allows usage of specific functionality that can minimize the human intervention and achieve the ultimate goal with minimal effort through the applied automated processes.

The easy to use interface requires no special technical competence and this makes the product especially suitable to use even by employees with a basic level of knowledge. In this way the company can optimize its costs for specialized professionals, as it will not need such when working with ApiHawk Prime®.

Prime integrations

ApiHawk Prime provides you with API-based solution for running your hosting business. The wide range of supported vendors is ever-growing, and if your vendor of choice isn't on the list we can integrate it in no time. We can achieve this faster and more cost-efficiently than any other billing software for hosters on the market. ApiHawk Prime supports:

  • CM4All
  • cMailPro
  • cPanel
  • Jelastic
  • Kerio Connect
  • Kubernetes
  • OnApp
  • Plesk
  • PowerDNS
  • Reseller club
  • SSLstore
  • Virtuozzo


  • Automation

    The automation is the process that minimizes the errors probability and reduces the human resources used, while this results in the reduction of company costs during the project management process. ApiHawk Prime® is a wonderful tool that will allow you to achieve a significant improvement in your work with clients through clearly developed business logic, including:Higher speed, Lower cost management, Lower risk of human errors;• Improved corporate security and Improved ROI; The numerous automated tasks that ApiHawk Prime® is able to perform, are the key towards the high efficiency which every modern business is in need of.

  • Management

    It does not matter if your company is offering cloud hosting solutions, communication satellites, domains or low budget consumer goods, ApiHawk Prime® will provide you with full control over your entire stack of tasks. The significantly improved management of the workflow processes on a daily basis gives you the freedom to grow quickly without having to overcome the traditional difficulties that accompany the growth of each company. The increased efficiency in dealing with the individual components and the high level of adaptation according to the specific needs is critical for the success of ApiHawk Prime® in the field of the automated business solutions.

  • Flexibility

    The flexibility and the dynamics are core values in the design of each modern business solution. ApiHawk Prime® combines a number of concepts, designed to facilitate the dynamic alterations in the business processes during the fast changes that can occur in a company. Thanks to the flexibility of ApiHawk Prime®, you will be able to enjoy brilliant work and degree of customization of a new generation, that will guarantee you 100% satisfaction while working with the system.

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