ApiHawk Inventory is all-in-one software for managing your Datacenters.

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ApiHawk Inventory

What is ApiHawk Inventory

ApiHawk Inventory® is convenient and easy to use. It provides you with options to easily manage your datacenter inventory. From rooms, racks and servers to VL, ISP, and entire networks.

  • Visual navigation

    You no longer need to be in the colocation center in order to perform a specific software task. This can be done through the convenient tools of ApiHawk Inventory®. The intuitive visual environment enables you to operate with your infrastructure regardless of your physical location, which saves you time and resources on an everyday basis. This improves the work efficiency and minimizes the costs for the infrastructure management of your infrastructure.

  • QR codes

    Thanks to the integrated QR Codes system you can easily navigate between the different components of your technology infrastructure. The easy and fast localization of potential problems in your network, significantly reduces the reaction time that is necessary for their removal.

  • Multi Datacenters / Rooms Support

    ApiHawk Inventory® offers you the flexible opportunity to distribute your infrastructure into separate datacenters and rooms regardless of the location. Thanks to that you can operate efficiently with your network, even when it is located in different parts of the world.

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