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Orders - Order Details

An Order details page displays all the information for that purchase's order: its status, payment method and all additional data such as information for the user, notes, logs and automator jobs. It allows also for the download of all documents associated with that order.

preview of purchase page

Purchase details

The first section of the Order details page displays the Purchase information. That includes the specific Purchase ID, the status of the purchase, the date and time the purchase was placed, its type and payment status, the price in detail, payment option, and the opportunity to download respective documents. Additionally, clicking on the product/service's name will transfer over to its dedicated details page.

preview purchase info

Available Admin Actions

Control buttonDefinitionDetail
change payment methodChange status- This button allows to change the status of the purchase. Depending on the current status, it can be switched to specific ones only. To see the complete list, please click here to get transferred over to the respective article.
payment method editChange payment method- The payment method chosen for the purchase is displayed with the option to change it on the top right hand corner. Changing the payment method depends on the payment options integrated into the system, which can be found here.
expand2Expand- In case more details for the purchase are available, they can be seen by expanding the menu, e.g. if the purchase is a domain name, Reason for registration will appear under the expanded menu.
view detailsGo to product- Click here to be transferred over to that product's details.
see-automator-jobSee Automator job- Details for the process of the execution of the order appear here.
edit2Edit price- Click to edit the order's price. A modification here will effectively prompt the system to generate а specific document to reflect the change. For more information on the various document types, please click here.
add labelAdd label- Click here to add an associated label.
payPay- In case the purchase isn't yet paid for, an Admin could pay for it manually, through a button which would appear on the bottom right hand corner.
download-documentsDownload document- Depending on the type of the order and the status of the purchase, automatic documents for the payment are generated and available for download, such as Invoice, Proforma, Debit Note, or Credit note. For more information on generating documents please click here.

Moreover, this page provides the opportunity to modify already existing documents, and manually create new ones. You can read more about it from the last section of this article for Documents and their basics.

User details

In the middle of the section the User information is displayed. It includes the main contact information and associated Notes. Clicking on the username will transfer over to that user's account.

user details in purchase

Note: There are two types of Notes - order-related and user-related. User-related notes are visible both in that user's account details and in the details of each of their orders. Order-related notes appear only in the order details.

Available Admin Actions

Control buttonDefinitionDetail
copyCopy- Copies the username to the clipboard.
edit profileEdit profile- Redirects the Admin to the User's profile page, where the information is available for edit.
edit2Edit profile- Allows the Admin to switch the profile of the user that made the purchase. For that the profile needs to exist and be active in the user's details.
copy emailCopy email- Copy the email address of the user to the clipboard.
customers-edit-or-deleteEdit or Delete note- Modify or remove an existing Note.
add noteAdd note- Add a new note.


Below the user information is the User's Log, a system archive of all processes connected to that specific purchase. For more on user's Log section, please click here.

purchase log

Available Admin Actions

Control buttonDefinitionDetail
expand2Expand- Expands the log if available.
view-detailView log details- Opens up the log in detail. For JSON format view the log needs to be viewed in the customer's log section here.

See Automator job

This option displays details for the task from the backend, in this case it's the one issuing the purchase, which is being processed by a system automation Worker. Workers perform all automated processes in Billia.

automator job order

To see the details of the automator job either click on the eye icon to the right of the Worker, or on the respective icon from the Purchase details part of the page. For more information on the details of the Automator Job, please click to see this article.