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Management - Vocabulary

The Vocabulary section is comprised of key-value data which provides specific content to Document Appearances and Templates. The two sections are interconnected in their functionality.

All Variables are sorted in logical groups. The example below displays only one group, with information relevant to Invoices only.


How it works

Appearances and Templates under the section Document Templates work with shifting content, due to the fact that every order/payment is different. This would include the product/service name, the price, the purchaser, etc. At the same time they also have invariable data, such as company information, VAT information, location data, etc., which is present in every generated document and is by default stored as key-value data in the Vocabulary section. The Vocabulary's goal is to assist in the updating of such invariable data without the need to modify every appearance/template one by one. Instead, editing the respective Vocabulary item will result in all following documents to be automatically generated with the updated information.

In order for any Vocabulary item to work properly, their key-value data needs to be first input into the backend code.

Note: Updating a Vocabulary item will only affect newly created documents and the JSON data of previous ones. The previously generated files themselves will not reflect the change, unless generated again.

Available Admin actions

Control buttonDefinitionDetail
expand1Expand- Expand the Vocabulary group to view the Vocabulary items.
expand-reverseHide- Hide the Vocabulary items under the group name.
edit2Edit- Edit the Vocabulary item. Will also need to modify it in the backend code.
-deleteDelete- Delete the Vocabulary item. Will also need to be removed from the backend code.
add-new1Add new- Create a new Vocabulary item. Will also need to add it to the backend code.

Add new item

Creating a new item for the Vocabulary requires the completion of the following fields. The information can be provided in any of the supported languages that appear here.


There is no separate setting to create new Groups. Typing in the first field a new group name will create that group.

Note: All content in document Appearances and Templates is structured as a MJML code. The value of any Vocabulary item needs to match the value in the MJML code, and the backend code.