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Management - Languages

This subsection previews a list of all recognized by the system languages. They are displayed with details and the option to change their position and modify them.

languages preview

Languages list sections

ID- The unique ID of the language entry.
Name- Type the name of the language.
Abbreviation- Abbreviation of the language in small and capital letters.
Direction- Set the direction of typing - Left To Right (LTR) or Right To Left (RTL).
Status- Displays whether the language is enabled or disabled.
Default- If selected that language will be the default one for the system.

Available Admin actions

Control buttonDefinitionDetail
-filterFilter- Filter the language entries by their status - enabled or disabled.
turn-on-or-offSet default- Choose whether you want that language as default for the system.
edit2Edit- Edit the language entry.
-deleteDelete- Delete the language entry.
add-new1Add new- Add a new language to the system.

Add a new language

Adding a new language includes completing the following fields:

add new language

Name- Type in the name of the language that is being added.
Local name- The name of the language in its own language.
Abbreviation- Type in the abbreviation for the language.
Direction- Choose the direction of typing - LTR or RTL.
Status- Set the status of the language as enabled or disabled.
Default- Select to choose the language as a default for the system.