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Management - Affiliates

The Affiliates section refers to an opportunity the business can provide its customers with: to become promoters of their products, and earn rewards. The structure of the Affiliates section consists of different levels depending on the dedication of the affiliate.

preview of the affiliates system

The general idea

Billia is a very powerful and complex engine that provides everyday work-related convenience and automated management for the business. To ensure that every customer would feel motivated to often use the products/services of that specific business, and at the same time, promote them, the Affiliate system was incorporated.

It is based on the idea that the customer can promote the business's products/services and earn rewards for successful purchases in the form of virtual money. The more successful purchases are made through the promotion by the customer, the higher level of Affiliate they become, ergo, the higher the reward they receive. Moreover, the business itself is at the same time advertised, website traffic increases, and more orders are placed.

Lead subsection vs. Lifetime subsection

The Affiliates section is divided in two main subsections: Lead and Lifetime. Each section has the exact same components which follow the exact same logic. Still, they incorporate different purposes.

The Lead subsection includes affiliate commissions for new orders of new clients only. The Lifetime subsection on the other hand includes commissions for renewals, as well.

Setting up commissions

Commissions for the Affiliates are set as either percentage or fixed amount from the total price of the product sold. There are two types of commissions:

  1. Per specific product/service - this requires to specify the different levels of commission rates for products/services one by one. This could be done to all, or just some products/services, it is up to personal preference.

  2. Default percentage/fixed amount - this sets commission levels for all products/level which don't have pre-set ones.

Tip: In these cases it is important to take into account the price of the products/services in order to know which are more suitable for a pre-set commission, and which for a default one.



This component represents a drop-down list of all products/services that the business offers. Selecting one of these will prep it to be pre-set for a commission rate. Once the product/service is selected, the right side next to it will display any sub-products that may be related to it. In the example below, since the product "Domain" is chosen, various TLDs are displayed to the right side from it.

Any sub-products that are not checked, will not be eligible for an Affiliate's commission rate. Additionally, some products/services may not have any sub-products, so no details would be additionally displayed.

Products/services can also be separated into "active" and "inactive" ones. A checkbox to show only active ones additionally appears next to the selected product/service. For more information on Product properties, please see this article.

choose a category for the affiliate system

Set levels

This component sets six commission rate levels to be completed for the product/service selected. Each one can be set either as a percentage or as a fixed amount. It is also possible to complete only a few and not all levels.

affiliates set levels

When everything needed is completed, clicking on Save will finish the process.

Note: These two components from the Affiliates system - Category and Setting levels, work only with each other.This way commission levels for various categories are created.

Default Commissions

This component of the Affiliates system represents default commission levels for all products/services that do not have pre-set ones. Setting this up requires only a value related to either a percentage or fixed amount. These commission levels can be at any time modified by simply selecting the respective field and changing its information.

affiliates' default commissions

Levels & Commissions

This is a list with all pre-set commission rates and details for their rate.

affiliates' list

Available Admin actions

Control buttonDefinitionDetail
affiliates-save-levelsSave levels- Save changes made on the commission levels for specific products/services.
affiliates-save-default-levelsSave default levelsSave changes made on the default commission levels for all products/services without a pre-set rate.
edit2Edit- Edit the product/service's commission levels.
-deleteDelete- Delete the commission levels for this product/service.