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The Catalog is one of the most powerful features of Billia. It is designed in a such a way to assist the Admin to easily categorize products, effortlessly manage them, and automate their properties and actions.

The functionality of the Catalog is vast and detailed.

Setting Products in the Billia Catalog is a process that provides multiple options: customizable, pre-set, visible or hidden, automated and versatile.

Creating the products Categories is a flexible and simple process where the result can be shaped to match the specific preferences.

Choosing product properties depends on their complexity and the freedom of choice the Admin would like to provide their users with.

preview of the catalog section

The Catalog is divided into seven main sections:

  1. Products - Create and set products with various options and properties.

  2. Categories - Create a system to sort out the products in categories and sub-categories.

  3. Options - Create or assign customizable properties for the products, i.e. what kind of information the system will require from the user. These are paid for.

  4. Fields - Establish preset criteria for the products, that could be not visible for the customers and cannot be changed by them.

  5. Visibility management - Set where Product Options would be visible, i.e. where would certain product information be requested from the user.

  6. Option Type Value - Set the types of values a certain Option can be associated with.

  7. Plugins - Includes 3rd party software plugins to the system, that connect with the Catalog with the help of Billia's automation capabilities and more precisely: Billia's Application packaging Standard AppCell.

For further on information on the Catalog, please continue with this page to read about the Products section.