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Automation - Tasks

This category consists of all automated tasks in the entire system, starting from the beginning of the specific Billia engine configuration. Clicking on the Worker's name will display details for its specific task.

preview of the automator tasks

Note: An Automator job may have more than one executions, depending on how the system handled it.

Available Admin actions

Control buttonDefinitionDetail
searchSearch- Click to search the list per key word.
filterFilter- Select to filter out result by task status.
expandExpand- Expand to view all executions of this job.
view detailsView details- View more details for the task. Will redirect to another page, for information on task details please click here.
downloadDownload- Download the JSON for this task.
re-executeRe-execute- Click to manually re-execute this task.

Search and Filter

As expected, this section also has a single search field to search per key word and also a Filter. The Filter is set to the statuses of the Task.

filter out automator tasks

Task statuses

Workers have various statuses depending on their state of work at a certain moment.

Worker StatusTitleDefinition
initiatedInitiated- A status indicating that the Worker in question is activated for the task.
runningRunning- The Worker in question is processing the task.
interruptedInterrupted- An interruption has occurred and the task has stopped being processed.
scheduledScheduled- Indicates that the task at hand requires a retry. The new execution is scheduled from the Monitoring - Worker section. The scheduled retry will be initiated depending on the configuration set for the specific Worker.
retryRetry- The Worker is in the process of retrying to continue on the task at hand.
errorError- The task has been completed unsuccessfully with an error, which will quickly change to either a scheduled or a manual status.
manualManual- Indicates that the task at hand has no more automatic retries and needs to be initiated manually.
successSuccess- The Worker has completed the task successfully.

Tasks list sections

The list of tasks can be sorted per worker, status, or date.

ID- The unique ID of that task.
Worker name- The Worker that is assigned for that task.
Status- The status of the task.
Date in- Displays the date and time when the task took place.

Expand a Task

Automator Jobs can have more than one execution depending on how the system handled it. If an error occurred the system will try to successfully execute the process again. Expanding the task will reveal the executions and their statuses.

expand details on automated tasks