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How to set up Affiliate levels?

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There are two types of Affiliates that can be set up - Lead and Lifetime.

To setup an Affiliate system:

  1. Navigate to your Billia Management Panel > Management > Affiliates.
  2. The setup for Affiliates will be displayed. Choose the type of Affiliate system you want to create - Lead, for new orders of new clients only, or Lifetime, for renewals, as well.

    choose affiliate system type - lead or lifetime

  3. Choose from the drop-down menu the product you would like to set up affiliate commissions for.

    choose products for affiliate levels

    Note: The product in question must be first created in the system, for this step to be successful. To see how, please click here.

  4. When choosing products from the Category list, some may require additional settings, e.g. the Domain type requires the detailed selection of TLDs to include.

    additional settings on the affiliate system setup

  5. Set the commission level values. These define the amount of commission, as either percentage or a fixed amount, for the six consecutive Affiliate levels. They could be custom for the chosen product:

    commissions for various affiliate levels

    Or, if you don't want to use custom commission rates for this product, then simply skip that and use the preset Default values below:

    default commissions for various affiliate levels

    Note: The default commission levels require an initial one-time setup by an Administrator and can be easily modified from the same location.

After these steps have been completed the Affiliate commissions are sorted in the table below in alphabetical order of the product names.

list of commissions for affiliates