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How to search through and find a specific Customer?

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To find a specific customer, also known to the system as a "user", or to sort out a specific group of users, the Advanced search filter of the Customers section in the Management Panel has to be used. It provides various options to search through users in detail.

  1. Log in to the Billia Management Panel.
  2. Click on Customers.
  3. Click on the Search icon on the top right corner.

    search through customer section

The Advanced search filter options include the following aspects:

Search optionDefinition
User ID- Every user has a unique User ID. Type it in to bring forward the specific user.
Username- Type in a specific user's username.
Email- Bring forward the user by typing its email address.
Product name- Type in a product name to bring out users owning it.
Phone- Type in a user's phone number to bring it forward.
Company- Type in a user's company name to bring it forward.
Document- Type in a user's document ID to bring it forward.
Product Options- Type in a Product Option for the system to display all users having it in their products.

Check the button for "Exact match" to make sure that the system search engine will return information 100% matching the search factors. To remove all entered search factors, click on "Clear Search".