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How to find a specific product?

If you have too many products, it is important to know how to find a specific one.

Locate a general product/service

  1. Navigate to your Billia Management Panel > Catalog > Products . The list with all existing products in the system is displayed.

    list of existing products

  2. In order to find the needed product, use the Filters section.

    filters for the list of products

    By using the Filters a search can be narrowed down to specific results. The filters include:

Actions- By selecting more than one product with the checkbox (next to each product), certain actions can be enforced: bundle selected, or delete them all at once.
Category- Filter results to display items from specific categories only. Refers to the Management Panel Categories where all product are sorted to.
Module- Filter results to display products connected with specific 3rd party integrations only. These refer to plugins that can be used for provisioning a product with the power of automation. For when AppCell is in use. If no 3rd party integrations exist, the module displayed would be "Legacy".
Status- Filter results by their product status - active, inactive or hidden. For more information on the statuses, please click here.

Additionally, the search icon on the top right corner can be used, to search per keyword.

search in the list of products

Through these methods of elimination, the needed product can be easily found.

Note: This list contains all products in the system, it does not contain specific information on users ownership or any placed orders.

To clear any filtering settings or search items, select the appropriate buttons.

clear the search filters in the list of products

Locate a specific user product/service.

  1. Navigate to your Billia Management Panel > Customers and locate the user in question, first.
  2. Click on the eye icon of the user to display its account information.

    click on the eye icon to view account information

  3. From the user account select either the section Services or Domains. Domains are separated into their own category in the Customers section, whereas in the Products section all products and services are listed together.

    access categories for domains or services under a specific user

  4. From the displayed list find the needed product/service. In case the list is too long, you can use the Filters available in that section.

    filter all products under a specific user

    Note: For more information on this Filter menu, please see this article.