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How to create a Product Option?

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Product Options are product-related settings that require additional information from the customer during the purchase process. This means specific data that is relevant to the product itself, helps identify it among items of the same type, and gives the purchaser the opportunity to personalize it. Product Options can have additional separate prices.


When a service that requires the selection of HDD/SSD space is purchased, each customer may want different amounts of space - one may choose 512GB, another 2TB.

The setting for the space is a Product Option setting that exists in the main product, but can be personalized with each purchased copy.

To see more details on Product Options, please see this article.

Product Option types

Product Options have three types. Click on the preferred one to learn how to create such a Product Option.

  1. Value-based Option - This type defines the option as a simple string. Options of this type are cost-free and the most simple.
  2. Choice-based Option - This type defines the option as a choice for the user. They can then select the best one for them. These options may have a price.
  3. Group-based Option - This type defines the option as being a mix (group) of two or more options, usually both value-based and choice-based ones.