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How to create a new product?

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Products and Services can be created and configured in the Billia Management Panel. It is important to know that Products have multiple stages of setup, some of which need to exist upfront, in order to become available for the product during its setup.

  1. Navigate to Billia Management Panel > Catalog > Products. The list with already existing products appears.

    click to view the catalog

  2. Click on the plus icon on the bottom right corner.

    click on the plus icon to set the creating of a new product

  3. The settings to create a new product are displayed.

    Note: Additional settings such as Product Options, Fields, Images, Suggestions, etc. will appear as available on the page, once the general information for the product is set and saved.

    At this page, all settings need to be configured.

    Note: To see more information on what all details for the creation of a product mean, please click here.

  4. After this page is complete, save the settings.

    save the settings

    This will prompt all other additional settings categories, that can further modify the newly created product, to appear.

    click on more options for the creating of a product

    These settings categories include:

    4.1.General - the general information for the product, first step in creating the product.

    4.2.Options - optional product-related settings for when the product is purchased, i.e. specific data relevant to the product itself, helps identify it among items of the same type, and gives the purchaser the opportunity to personalize it.

    4.3.Fields - features hardcoded into the system, that are not optional and use key-values from the system to set default criteria/characteristics for the product.

    4.4.Product Suggestions - features settings that would enable automatic pre-set product suggestions to customers, during their purchasing process.

    4.5.Product Images - set pictures and images to attach to products to better visualize them.

    4.6.Product Upgrades - attach specific products as possible levels/packages to upgrade to, or downgrade from.

    Note: The stages "Options" and "Fields" of the creation of a product exist also as their own categories in the Billia Management Panel > Catalog. The stage "Options" also includes the main categories "Visibility Management" and "Option Type Value", again found in Billia Management Panel > Catalog.

  5. For the next stages of the product configuration:

    5.1. Attach Options

    5.2. Attach Fields

    5.3. Create Product Suggestions

    5.4. Attach Product images

    5.5. Create Product Upgrades