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How to configure the Options of a product?

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Options are additional settings attached to products, that are paid for and require the customer to select the most appropriate for them type. Options have their own category in the Billia Management Panel > Catalog. To see more information on them, please see this article.

To assign Options to a product:

  1. Navigate to your Billia Management Panel > Catalog > Products and locate the product which you want to configure with Product Fields.
  2. Click on the pen icon next to the preferred product to display its details.

    modify an existing product

  3. When the product details are displayed, select the category "Options".

    select the category for options in the product

  4. The Options category is displayed. Click on "Add Option" to start creating and adding such to the product.

    choose to add an option to the product

The menu to create options is displayed. After creating your Options as per the instructions in the respective redirect articles, save the changes to apply the settings.

Note: Please note that Options are vast settings that require a very specific idea of what they needs to be and do. For this purpose, their creation has been split into separate articles. Please start from here.