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How to configure products to be upgradeable?

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Products in the Billia Management Panel can be configured as upgradeable. This setting provides the ability for the product to have upgradeable packages, and also specifies which ones these would be.

Note: In this case "upgradeable products" additionally includes packages to also downgrade to.

  1. Navigate to your Billia Management Panel > Catalog > Products and locate the product you need.
  2. Click on the pen icon to view the details for the product you need to configure.

    modify an existing product

  3. The products details are displayed. Select the category for "Product Upgrades".

    select category for product upgrades

  4. The menu to set lower/higher packages of this product type appear.

    Note: Not all products can have upgrades/downgrades. It depends whether that product has related packages of various levels.

    menu to set upgrades or downgrades for products

  5. Click on the field to search for a product package of this type to set as an upgradeable/downgradeable version.

    Note: All product packages, preferred to be configured together in the Product Upgrades category, must be prior to this step created.

    choose a product package to set for upgrade or downgrade

    After they have been added, they appear in a list and the general product is then upgradeable.

    Note: The same setup needs to be done in all included in the upgrade products, in order to achieve a seamless upgrade/downgrade process from and to any of them.