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How to configure Product suggestions for a specific product?

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Any product can be configured to have additional Product Suggestions. These will appear to the user as suggestions for additional purchase while they are in the process of ordering the attached to them product.

  1. Navigate to your Billia Management Panel > Catalog > Products and locate the product you want to configure with Product suggestions.
  2. Click on the pen icon next to the preferred product to display its details.

    how to edit a product

  3. When the product details are displayed, select the category "Product Suggestions".

    select the category for product suggestions

  4. The Product Suggestions category is displayed. Click on the "Add suggestion" button to start adding products as suggestions.

    add suggestions to the product

  5. Settings to choose and add products for suggestions are displayed.

    complete the form to set product suggestions

    Note: In order to be able to configure Product suggestions to a specific product, these need to be created upfront.

    Complete the form as follows:

Search for product- Search and select an already pre-existing product to add as a product suggestion.
Visibility- Set where the product suggestion will be visible, i.e. which part of the system. The positions are preset on the backend.
Order type- Choose the order type of the product suggestion.
Message- Choose a language for a message to the customer and type it in.

After this process is done, a product is successfully added as a Product suggestion.

save changes to the selected product suggestions