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How can I set up a Crontab job?

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In order to set up processes through cron schedule expressions:

  1. Navigate to your Billia Management Panel > Automation > Scheduler.
  2. The list with already existing crontab jobs is displayed. Click on the plus icon on the bottom right corner to create a new one.

    how to add a new crontab job to the system

  3. A form to complete is displayed.

    how to set up detail fields for a new crontab job

    Complete the fields as follows:

    • Scheduler name - Type the name for the scheduler process.

    • TTL - Type the TTL in seconds, e.g. 2 minutes are 120 (seconds). Type only the number.
    • JSON - If necessary, a JSON script can be set for additional criteria.
    • Schedule - This field will automatically populate itself after clicking to calculate the time intervals and the time frame set for the scheduler.
    • Type - Select one of the two types here: "Custom date" or "Day of the week". This sets the larger time frame criteria for the scheduler. If "Day of the week" is selected a new field appears below to select a specific day of the week.
    • Calculate - Click to calculate the Scheduler cron expression. This will automatically calculate the values from the time frame fields.
    • Month/Date/Hour/Minute - Set the cron scheduler to run at certain monthly/daily/hourly/minutely intervals.

  4. Finally choose whether you want that crontab job to be active or inactive by enabling or disabling the slider button on the top right corner.

    Enable or disable the Crontab

After all settings have been completed, Save the changes.