Billia is a component-based software. Its services are reusable. This means they can be used with other software or platforms. If you feel like your business is doing great with your current billing solution but you still need to upgrade your documents’ generating and archive system, you can always integrate Billia’s Document Manager as a component.

  • Core API
  • Gear AMQP Orchestrator
  • Eventor - Flow Manager
  • AppCell - 3rd party vendor orchestrator and automation
  • Mutli PaymentGateway
  • Document Generator and Manager
  • HelpCenter \w Markdown support

warranty - image based on source: Warranty Vectors by Vecteezy

SLA & Warranty

Billia includes and offers a detailed SLA, on which more information you can find on this page. Moreover, Billia is the first enterprise billing and automation software to come with a warranty. And not just any warranty - € 100 000 warranty in case Billia doesn’t work as intended.


Detailed features

Billia is designed to be effective and flexible. So it is developed with various detailed features. Such include Billia being language agnostic. This means that it can work with various centralized systems, plugins, and APIs, no matter their programming language (PHP, Java, Python, CSS, C++, etc.). Another example is Billia’s retry strategy in the occasion of an error. In such a case the system can pull the cache from all successful steps prior to the error and initiate a retry strategy process.



Billia uses the API description format for REST APIs - OpenAPI 3. This allows you to describe your entire API in more detail and to a greater extent. Moreover, Billia comes with a SDK not only for PHP, but also:

  • HTTP
  • Node JS, Angular
  • iOS, .NET, Java
  • Ruby, Python
  • Go



Billia incorporates ApiHawk’s application packaging standard software - AppCell. By using vendor-specific cells to combine into hybrid plugins, AppCell can perform hybrid decisions, which ensures diversity and process advances in the business’s eCommerce offered products. You can use our preset plugins or develop your own.


Automate & sell

With Billia automation is a second nature. There’s no need to perform expensive and time-consuming tasks by hand when you can simply automate them. Billia will assist in the selling process for both businesses and end users in every step of the way.