The alternative

to Odin & WHMCS


The billing and automation solution capable of being faster, better and smarter than any other similar software. Cloud-based, Enterprise ready and providing the freedom to customize and further develop it as per your business needs, Billia is designed to optimize your company’s efficiency and performance.

Key Billia features

Choosing the correct billing software for your business is not an easy task. With so many companies developing their own, the results are higher demands for more diverse features (like marketing strategies, user management, etc.), customizable options and automated processes. Software like Odin or CloudBlue, WHMCS, Atomia, HostBill and others set the bar high, but after some usage, clients seem to always need more than what they get for their money's worth.

  • Full API

    All modern software consumes and is built on APIs. But unlike most other software, like Odin Automation and WHMCS, Billia engine is based on full APIs, which makes it easily scalable and manageable.

  • Scalable

    Billia is scalable, both horizontal and vertical. Some software, like WHMCS, don’t offer that feature. In contrast, with Billia you can both add more to and upgrade your resources and system.

  • Tailor-made

    We all like having freedom of choice and the option to customize as much from life as possible. Businesses like it even better. Billia is tailor-made and adapts to your company, not the other way around.

Billia Cover


  • Services

    Billia works with different types of services - reusable and also microservices.

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  • SLA & Warranty

    Billia offers SLA, a unique €100 000 warranty and a perpetual license.

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  • Detailed features

    Billia is language-agnostic and embeds a powerful retry strategy in case of errors.

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  • API & SDK

    Billia uses an OpenApi3 specification and implements SDK, as well.

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  • Plugins

    Billia offers open-sourced standard for packaging applications and remote AppCell plugins.

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  • Automate & sell

    Billia automates its day-to-day processes and can sell with less go-to-market time.

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