Case Study: Billia in Help of the Most Trusted Bulgarian Hosting Provider

Case Study: Billia in Help of the Most Trusted Bulgarian Hosting Provider

How our next-gen billing software solved the issues of ICN.Bg and helped the business scale, expand its service portfolio and increase its revenue.

Executive summary

Even big businesses are not immune to problems and challenges in their day-to-day work. Despite having one of the largest client pools in Bulgaria, ICN.Bg still faced some issues common for the IT industry. Thanks to the implementation of Billia the company was able to:

  • Provide customizable offering to customers
  • Increase revenue from Cloud services
  • Receive detailed BI and analyses

About ICN.Bg

ICN.Bg is one of the biggest and the most advanced web hosting providers on the Bulgarian market. The company has more than 15 years of experience in the industry being a trusted partner for thousands of online businesses, SMEs, e-commerce websites, institutions, and non-governmental organizations. The workflow of ICN.Bg is divided among a few hundred employees in several departments that perform the technical support functions, customer care, billing process, system administration, and management of the business.

The need for a flexible billing solution

Nowadays, clients are the ones who set the standards in the IT industry. They require more or even full control over the products and services they purchase, and they need the freedom to implement their strategy and to customize the solutions used. Very often, though, the hosting industry doesn’t have much room for customization. Many customers end up disappointed by the hosting company they use without realizing that this is not an isolated case, but instead a real difficulty common for that business sector.

A very similar thing might have happened to ICN.Bg when customers started asking for customizable services like data centers (The Cloud), or the possibility to personalize the products/services they purchase, to a degree that was not available.

Moreover, ICN.Bg also needed a statistic for the work done within a particular time frame, coming from a secure location. Similar to other big businesses, they didn’t want to provide their internal data to just anyone for analysis.

That is when ICN.Bg decided that a change was needed and a solution has to be available somewhere. ApiHawk’s Billia provided ICN.Bg with the so much needed assistance and improvement.

Billia: The right choice for ICN.Bg

ICN.Bg adopted Billia as a long-term solution that could work according to the goals and objectives of the business. With Billia’s detailed Catalog management and capabilities, all products and services of ICN.Bg were remodeled in detail and now possess various opportunities for customization and personalization. The entire engine of Billia allows for tailoring it to one’s taste and need.

billia and icn

In addition, ApiHawk developed the Billia Cloud with fully customizable options - from the specifications of the cloud down to its operational time (something, that has never been done before!). The Cloud also allows its users to access and modify it with flexibility and accuracy. For example, the Billia system operates in such a way that the user’s Cloud and its data are always protected even if the service payment is depleted.

“The way Billia allows us to offer cloud services provides a huge advantage for our company. We are the biggest Bulgarian cloud vendor and now the only one offering such flexibility to our clients.” – Borislav Borislavov, CTO, ICN.Bg

The desire for personalization proved to be of real importance once Billia was integrated with ICN.Bg. But the ApiHawk billing software didn’t help with just that. We provided the company with all the necessary data, marketing analysis, and powerful BI to keep track of their sales and revenue. All in one secure location - Billia.

The Results

ICN.Bg is now able to work with a flexible and easy to manage system which increases clients satisfaction and allows for more customizations with their panels and services.

The company grew in its clientele and became even more trustworthy as a web hosting and IT service provider. Moreover, it now offers a unique Cloud service which assists customers in completing their business goals more efficiently. Sales and profit have gone up, as well as positive feedback and ratings.

For staff members of ICN.Bg working with Billia results in less effort and more options for workflow automation.

“We are now able to handle the billing process faster and easier. This results in lower time for order processing and activation which means more happy customers for our company.” – Karolina Lubenova, Manager – Billing Department, ICN.Bg

Last, but not least, ICN.Bg always knows how to proceed with certain actions and tasks, thanks to ApiHawk Billia’s detailed BI, monitoring and analysis.

Why would the business use these services again and recommend ApiHawk

We received great feedback for Billia by the ICN.Bg team. What our client values the most is the ability to customize the software according to their needs and to adapt it to its own workflow and way of doing business. It is not only the billing department that benefits from the new software adoption.

“Billia made our life easier regarding the management of our promotions, e-mail communication and results tracking. Our client’s feedback from the new customer portal is great! And we received additional channels for marketing communications that resulted in higher conversion rates. I can also notice that our sales team finds it easier to manage accounts and assist our clients in their service setup and management.” – Katerina Temelkova, Marketing Specialist, ICN.Bg

We believe you might have similar issues to the ones that ICN.Bg had before adopting Billia. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us and find out more about Billia functionalities and the ways it can boost your business results.