Case Study: Billia Helps a Hosting Provider to Scale and Expand on the UK Market

Case Study: Billia Helps a Hosting Provider to Scale and Expand on the UK Market

Billia made it possible for the hosting company HostPulse to scale its business and to automate the process of servicing customers who were growing in number.

Executive summary

Almost every hosting provider in the IT industry faces any of these issues - lack of flexibility in the product/service management and upselling, high maintenance costs, and time-consuming support. HostPulse was not an exception. However, the integration of Billia helped the company to:

  • Increase revenue and profit
  • Automate processes of the day-to-day work
  • Scale quickly and reach new customers
  • Increase customer and employee satisfaction
  • Easily monitor all customer accounts and services

About HostPulse

The company has been on the UK market of hosting services since 2014 and is now offering shared hosting and domain names to its clients. What makes HostPulse successful is the remarkable support they provide – just a few minutes for a response and issue resolving. In addition, the business relies only on high-quality server equipment and secure data centers for its servers.


The need for automation

One of the key advantages of HostPulse to its competitors has always been the excellent technical support offered. However, at some point, the company found itself in a situation where customers were contacting the support team with common everyday issues, and the support needed a lot of time to assist manually. Time for a response was about to increase which could have led to unhappy customers and lower company rating. A possible solution was to hire more employees which was going to raise the costs and decrease the profit for the business.

At the same time, the company had difficulties in upselling customers which, combined with the need for more employees, was not a sign for a bright future for the business. HostPulse realized the need to automate certain task and processes in order to be able to scale and grow its business.

Challenged by the low time for reaction and the growing demand for its service, HostPulse turned to ApiHawk with the need to find a solution to all the emerging problems.

Billia as the right solution for HostPulse

Adopting Billia turned out to be a game-changer for HostPulse. With Billia’s automation of processes and flows, HostPulse’s support no longer needed to do all the job on customers’ tickets manually. The system completed the requested operations automatically without the need for extensive human intervention. This meant less time for support employees working on one and the same ticket and faster-performed system actions.

The automated processes in the system of HostPulse, thanks to Billia, lead to customers being able to perform most of their queries on their own! After this, HostPulse didn’t have to increase their expenses for additional workforce.

Billia also proved itself to be useful and convenient for upselling clients. Our team has developed a set of tools and features that find the best addition to every item a client is buying. Then the system offers a product suggestion that best matches the item already added to cart by the user. These product suggestions are flexible in setup and configuration and promote additional services to customers. For HostPulse they have led to an increase in purchases and revenue (e.g., a customer buying a shared hosting plan may also need a domain name for their new website which is offered to them during the order confirmation).


The Results

In short, Billia enabled easier business management and workflow handling for the business. Using our billing solution HostPulse increased its revenue and profit, as well as customer and employee satisfaction. Managers report that the company scaled up quickly and reached new customers with the ability to service them and handle their requests.

All the employees can now monitor and analyze customer accounts, orders, and purchases – something that used to be a tough job before.

“We are now more productive while investing less time and effort than before. Billia helps us automate the majority of our tasks which makes us more flexible and responsive. The integration with the software went smoothly and was tailored to our business so that we didn’t have to change anything we were used to doing. This gave us the chance to grow quickly without losing valuable customers. With Billia we feel comfortable to think of expanding our business to other European markets.” – Billy Yankov, CIO, HostPulse

We believe you might have similar issues to the ones that HostPulse had before adopting Billia. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us and find out more about Billia functionalities and the ways it can boost your business results.