Tailor-made Software Solution: Why You Need It

Tailor-made Software Solution: Why You Need It

A Tailor-made Software Solution: Why You Need It

Flexibility. Scalability. Adaptability. We have always talked about thеm and we won't stop until most companies realize the true potential of having a software adjusted and developed with their own business needs taken into account. Why is it so important?

We have recently witnessed a remarkable failure related to the digital transformation of one of the biggest German retail chains. You probably remember the case of Lidl where the company spent more than €500 mln over the last 7 years for a solution that turned out to be useless. Handelsblatt reported that the company not only wasted its resources, but also lost some key staff members in the process of new software adoption. The inventory management system developed by SAP did not meet Lidl's expectations and could not adapt to the specific processes carried out within the business.

The real problem

SAP offers a standartized solution ready to meet most common needs certain businesses have when managing their inventory. Lidl, however, has its own unique way of running business processes and adding value to customers. And that's what makes the company successful.

If Lidl wants to integrate a new inventory management solution by SAP they have to transform their workflow and adapt it to new software requirements. It turns out it is impossible for a business of that size to implement such a solution and to make its employees get used to the change.

Standardized or tailor-made software solutions?

In many cases, however, a standardized software will be manageable. It will have the major set of features your business needs and it will probably be less expensive. In such case it seems an acceptable solution to put effort and transform your business towards adopting a software that helps you manage your inventory, customers, and orders. But Lidl couldn't do it.

The reality is that everyone would rather get a product that takes into account all current needs of the business in order to handle them properly – a tailored software solution. Having this in mind, we have been developing a set of aplications that we can now offer to businesses in various industries.

Is Billia suitable for your Business?

We created the software with the intention to automate business processes for hosting providers and telcos. The software is successfully integrated in several international IT companies who have optimized their client servicing and billing process. Additionally, Billia is an API product which makes it suitable for almost any business purpose. What does that mean?

  • It is customizable: The software could be adapted to your specific company environment and goals. We know that your business is unique even within your industry. You probably perform specific set of activities and have your own way of solving problems. Billia will not change that. It could only make it easier for you.
  • It is scalable: You can have the software integrated in your company with a given set of characteristics. On a later stage, as your business grows, you can add and modify features to make it easier for you to manage your operations.
  • It is secure: Your ERP system, billing software, or inventory management program will contain sensitive data about your business. You definitely don't want all programmers, developers, and contractors to have access to all the components of your software. Thanks to the API architecture you can limit the access only to the plugins and modules they need to work on.
  • It is easy to use: In fact all your software specialists already have the necessary skills to work with Billia. They only need little time to get used to the API-based solution.

All these features are possible thanks to the API Pattern developed by ApiHawk. It allows you to modify the software and to add and remove modules and resources at any time.

Companies that have already integrated Billia report for optimized business processes, increased revenue (40% increase in domain name sales by the hosting provider ICN.Bg), and greater customer satisfaction. They value our efforts for customizing the software and the fact that Billia follows their own way of doing business. They value the opportunity to pay only for what they need not just for a set of software features they wont't use. Unlike Lidl, they cannot afford wasting time and money for a solution that wouldn't work. They value Billia's intelligence and core characteristics: Flexibility. Scalability. Adaptability.

Don't hesitate to get in touch with the ApiHawk team and to see whether Billia is suitable for your business. Billia can help you sell Internet services, hosting, domain names, or anything else you business desires. You can also request a demo run of the product.

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