New in Billia - A/B Email Testing

New in Billia - A/B Email Testing

The new feature helped a hosting provider’s marketing department to better analyze income sources and email campaigns.

We are eager to announce the newest feature in Billia – A/B email testing that helps businesses drive their email campaigns, increase revenue, and manage client communication more efficiently.

Why is A/B email testing important?

How do you know if you are getting the most out of the email you are sending to your customers? What if we tell you this email could lead to more conversions? What if you change this call to action? Is this the very best headline you can come up with?

A fortune teller may be able to guess all of these, but A/B testing will do a better job. It provides higher return for your marketing efforts by showing you what type of content from your email messages leads to conversions. A/B testing gives you a better view on the changes you need to make in regards to layout, design, and content. Simply said, A/B testing will provide the answer to the question “What do my users want?”

A/B testing with Billia

Billia is getting more and more intelligent, and for us, it has been a matter of time to add this feature. Now you can A/B test your emails with any segment of your clients on a random basis. We are aware that all customer behavior data is vital for any business. This includes customers’ interaction with the company website and any other related content. That is why businesses strive to discover new and better ways to optimize their performance.

And for that, our team made A/B testing possible with Billia. We do not only believe that the new feature will help your business but we already see it happening:

The biggest Bulgarian cloud vendor performs email A/B testing with Billia

ICN.Bg is a leading Bulgarian hosting provider that recently upgraded to ApiHawk Billia. Our billing solution helped the company scale its business and lead to the increasing of domain name revenue sales by 40% within just six months.

ICN.Bg is now taking advantage of almost all Billia features we have developed for IT companies and telecoms. The company finds email A/B testing to be a useful tool for conversion rates optimization:

“The system emails and newsletters we send generate a significant amount of revenue for our company. We use them to upsell our clients and add value to any single product they purchase from ICN.Bg. With the A/B email testing feature we have been able to discover the most powerful messages and call-to-actions that work for our audience.”

The company conducted several A/B email testing campaigns and the results helped them choose the right email template for any specific case.

“Every time we construct a hypothesis about our email content and the respective clients’ responses, or just want to know how to best approach the situation, we perform the A/B test. Then Google Analytics provides us with the correct answer. That is why I believe we are now getting the maximum out of our email marketing campaigns.” – Martin Nikolov, Marketing Coordinator, ICN.Bg

Check out our case study: How ICN.Bg upgraded to ApiHawk Billia

Our tips for email A/B test campaigns

Using Billia’s newest feature will provide your business with various benefits only if you:

  • test valid hypotheses – formulate them before conducting the test;
  • do not test too many elements together – otherwise, you won’t be able to outline what really works for you;
  • experiment with a sufficient number of people – A/B testing will not show correct results unless you conduct it with enough representatives from your audience.

You can A/B test almost anything in your email:

  • your headlines and sub-headlines;
  • awards and badges in your email;
  • links;
  • CTA buttons and texts;
  • testimonials from your customers;
  • images.

A/B testing is a significant functionality we have just added to our intelligent billing solution. We believe that it is now among the most innovative and complete software products of its type on the market of billing software for hosting companies, telecoms, and IT businesses. What makes Billia unique is the high level of customization you can achieve when you use it in your company.

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Did we mention that Billia is now open-source?