From the Admin to the Customer - using Billia

From the Admin to the Customer - using Billia

Why are billing and automation solutions important? How do they benefit online businesses? What do these businesses need to look for in such software and why? Demonstrating the software in advance is also an important factor..

Billing and Automation software

Billing and automation software are no longer the “new kid on the block” for quite some time now. They have been available on the market in many forms which include various features and, of course - various price tags. Multiple companies from all over the globe have done a marvelous job in developing their own version of a billing solution; something, which numerous modern eCommerce and invested in online sales companies have learned to use to the maximum. And to them, the thought of not using such a software any longer is simply terrifying.

Before we get any further, here is a brief overview of what billing and automation software are. They are designed to enhance the billing system of your business, boost sales, improve marketing strategies, automate main processes, such as invoicing, payments, bookkeeping, email and notifications distribution, and overall help your business and its management work and grow better and easier.

Naturally, not all billing and automation solutions are designed the same or even have the same features, despite their common purpose. There are software that can provide you with a brilliant billing platform but without the ability for automation. There are others that can assist in both aspects but don’t quite have as detailed features as rival software do. Then, there are those solutions, which can meet all of your criteria and billing and automation goals at the same time.

But sometimes, it is just not enough to slide through software company website pages and read all of the wonderful things they showcase for their billing and automation solution. Sometimes, you want to see it for yourself right there and then.

Demonstrating Billia

So, in today’s blog article we are going to demonstrate how our billing and automation engine Billia operates from the various perspectives of both Administrators and end users. For this purpose, we are going to use the scenario “creating and following a marketing campaign” for your eCommerce business.

Marketing goals

Why did we choose the marketing aspect of a business though?

Using marketing strategies, promoting goods and services, and participating in the mass business culture of online stores to “provide the best offer” are vital instruments for all eCommerce companies. When marketing campaigns and promotions are done right, they have the potential to increase that company’s clientele, improve its overall reputation as a preferred and quality online seller, and hence - increase its revenue.

Ergo, the platform that provides the business with marketing opportunities must be as easy to manage as possible, but must also have the ability for detailed setups.

Admin’s experience creating a marketing campaign in Billia

It is understandable that before a business executes any kind of marketing campaign it needs to have a strategy. In this scenario our example hosting business will be advertising its new discount on .com domains while it also upsells its customers. Billia provides multiple options for various marketing tricks to catch your customer’s attention. In this article we will apply some of them.

  1. In the current scenario our example online business will first set up Product Suggestions for a selected product/service. This way when a customer chooses that product/service to purchase, the system will suggest them something additional, as well. That product suggestion is of course in close relation to the originally purchased product/service and when suggested in that way, it leaves the impression that it is not only a “bonus” or “a good idea”, but an actual necessity. So most times the customer will purchase it, as well.


  2. After the product suggestion is created the Administrator will also create a discount for that main product, because customers seem to like it when products/services are on sale. And why not? It’s now cheaper and you still receive the same quality product/service, once valued at a higher price. The discount can be set to be triggered in various situations by different factors. In this case the discount of 20% will be set to be activated when a .com domain is purchased or renewed for up to three years period.


  3. Next step is to create the advertisement for the marketing campaign. For this purpose a different Administrator with different system permissions could take over the setup process. (just for fun)

    Billia supports multiple different system roles that can have different permission sets - from being allowed to only view Customers and Orders, to being able to set up automated processes and create new system items. In this case, our new Administrator is a Marketing Admin who will create the marketing banner as an advertising item. The detailed setup of the banner allows the Marketing Admin to adjust how long the banner will be visible, and whether that time depends on the times it’s been clicked and/or a straightforward from-to date. The location of the banner can be anywhere from the business’s website, to other connected panels.


End user’s experience with marketing campaign

What does the end user see and experience while surfing the website of that hosting business? Maybe they are looking for a new hosting plan, maybe they need something simple like a new domain registration, or maybe they are just browsing.

But as we said in the beginning, customers love bargains and discounted products. So when an end user like that stumbles upon your banner and comes to the decision they do actually need a .com domain, this will be their experience.

  1. The customer can find that banner in various places on your website, maybe an automatically send Newsletter, and even in their own Customer panel.


  2. When they click on the banner it will lead them to a predefined location to begin the process of purchasing the discounted item.


  3. While the customer is purchasing the domain that they’ll receive with 20% off, the system displays product suggestions that actually go with that product. They are sensible, useful and not just some “irrelevant” blinking on the screen that would be skipped right away. And after that it’s easy, because it’s logical and rationalized as necessary - add to cart.


  4. Finally, the customer completes their purchase and that's.. simply it. They have now purchased not one item, but at least two due to correct advertising, good discounts and product setups. Moreover, Billia continues to upsell the client and to suggest more and more items. Imagine this being not one customer but many?


The Result

What is displayed here in this example, among other things, is how good marketing setup can sell, which automatically leads to higher revenue. But it is important to note that good marketing needs to be set up with good tools.

The solution used would need to include various characteristics with detailed fields and options. The more features included, the better. At the same time, it needs to have a straightforward interface that doesn’t aggravate the setup of the process. That platform must be able to manage sales properties, advertising items, have notification channels, and the power and flexibility to execute these features for numerous products/services at once, whether there are tens or hundreds of them.

Billia is not just a good tool. It is a powerful engine for billing and automation. It can do way more than create marketing campaigns. It can manage your entire business and save you the time and costs of you trying to do it on your own.

Do you need to see further demonstrations of Billia and find out its full capabilities? Yes, as we said, we know that it is more than desired to see a preview of the software as quickly as possible. Just send us a quick message and our Hawks will get back to you and arrange that demonstration for you! Or you can always check Billia’s page on your website. It is still good info.

We at ApiHawk sincerely hope you are doing well and are healthy, and would like to encourage everyone to keep wearing masks when going outside! By protecting ourselves we protect everyone else. Stay safe!