Comparing Billing Solutions

Comparing Billing Solutions

Becoming a successful company in the eCommerce world is a huge deal. More success means more clients which means higher revenue and bigger profit. But these shouldn’t be the only factors to keep focus on when running your business.

When profits increase, this means that the workload has too. When this happens, companies usually seek to hire more employees to manage various roles - sales, development, marketing, administrating, support, etc. But this could be a double-edged sword, where you keep financing the maintenance of your company and at the same time - lose money.

The latter is something no business wants to hear. That is why in our modern IT world there are software that can help you both scale your business and reduce the financial costs of doing so.

Billing and management solutions exist in many shapes and forms and are developed by many different companies - CloudBlue (previously known as Odin Automation), WHMCS, Atomia, HostBill.. the choices are many. But clients may always need more than what is offered.

With Billia - ApiHawk’s billing and automation engine, clients can obtain exclusive and innovative features.

What Billia offers

A simple comparison done in regards to the features most billing software offer, can very well put in perspective value vs. pricing. Well, we did such a comparison research between Billia and other billing software and came to a conclusion regarding the innovativeness and exclusiveness of what they all offer.

Here are some of the main points of that research.


What is scalability?

Scalability is the ability of an entity, or in this case - a business, to progressively or quickly change their size. Usually in the context of companies scaling, it is preferred for that size to become..bigger. In other words, “scalability” refers to the potential growth of a company or business, which is a factor to think upfront for.

Why is it important?

Scalability is a direct reflection of how well a specific business is doing. The more and faster a company grows, the more customers and success it means it has. Scaling the business is one of the main goals of every company.

What does it have to do with billing software?

When implementing a billing solution, most companies automatically assume that their choice of software will “merge” with their business and play its role in any state of the company. But a fact is that not every software is capable of keeping up with such rapid changes.

Billia is fully capable of scaling alongside your business, no matter how much. Our software supports both horizontal and vertical scaling. This means that Billia is capable of scaling both when adding more machines into the pool of resources and when more power (CPU, RAM) is added to an already existing machine.

Tailor-made solution

What is a tailor-made solution?

Tailor-made solutions, in this context, are those types of software solutions that are capable of being customized and adjusted to the business that uses them. In other words, these are software that are suited for the purpose and operating capacity of the business that implements them.

Why is it important?

Tailor-made software solutions provide more flexibility and convenience to the businesses using them. Moreover, this saves time and the long-term financial costs for purchase and maintenance are much much lower. When a specific software is more strictly developed, without much or any room for customization, this usually leads to problems as early as the initial implementation process.

What does it have to do with billing software?

Such big and core software, like billing solutions, and the companies using them don’t by default match - there is a process of making them compatible with one another. This process can go one of two ways - a) the software is made flexible and customizable, a.k.a. tailor-made, so that it adapts to the business painlessly and effortlessly, or b) the business would need to make (most often great) changes in order to adapt to the software itself, which can be very expensive, time-consuming and may even damage the business’s progress so far.

Being tailor-made is one of Billia’s most exclusive features which ensures no excessive time or manpower lost in rearranging the business’s functions. No need to change or adapt your company to the software, no need to make changes or use any additional force or expenses to implement Billia. Billia will adapt to you. Yes, it is that easy.


What is a warranty?

The warranty is a type of guarantee provided from the side of the product-provider to the company-purchaser. The value of the guarantee may be in various forms, including, but not limited to: repairs, re-configurations and refunds.

Why is it important?

The warranty is your insurance as a business that the product you are using and have paid (not a small amount of money) for will successfully perform, or you can get at least a part of your investment back, in one form or another. Many products have warranties, but not many software do. And those expensive software are the ones you want to see have a warranty.

What does it have to do with billing software?

Billing solutions are not cheap and they can define your entire business’s future and prospects. If you buy one without a warranty and it is somehow faulty, you may find yourself, along with your business, in deep problems. With some software there is basically no guarantee of what would happen to you and your business if they simply..stop working.

Billia is one of the few software that actually comes with a guarantee - a €100,000 warranty. The warranty is backed up by ApiHawk’s Professional Liability Insurance & Reinsurance Policy from Royalton Capital Investors II insurance company CertAsig. Now your investment in a billing solution can be successful and secure.

Dynamic Flow Management

What is Dynamic Flow Management?

In this context, Dynamic Flow Management refers to the capability of a software to perform automated dynamic processes in the form of system flows. Put more simply - the power of automation in a software.

Why is it important?

Automation and Dynamic Flow Management systems define your business’s operating and processing power. If it were 1995 or 2003, no one would expect or demand faster and automated functionalities. But since it is now the start of another new decade - 2020, it doesn’t make much sense to use large business-altering software without any automation power.

What does it have to do with billing software?

Automation and having the capability for Dynamic Flow Management is an important part of modern billing solutions. It is a lot more cost-effective, is not time-consuming, doesn’t require a lot of man-power or employee attention, and at the same time performs all the processes and tasks you, your business and clients need.

For Billia, wе developed our own software that automates system flows without any developer’s help. We call it - the Eventor. With Billia, the Eventor is a key part, but not the only part, of its automation capabilities.

Cloud Based

What is Cloud Based?

Cloud Based means that e specific software and all of its resources and APIs are stored, managed, and processed on a remote server and not on local computers or servers.

Why is it important?

It is better for software and APIs to be Cloud Based as this way they don’t require local storage and technical maintenance from the businesses and companies using them. It is also more cost- and time- efficient than dealing with your own instance of the software on a local server.

What does it have to do with billing software?

This is especially important for large and complex billing solutions. Nowadays it is almost expected that the billing solution you’d be using would be Cloud Based which will make that software run better and faster, usually automatically provides backups and data restoring, has higher reliability and most often - unlimited storage capacity.

Billia is again one of the few billing solutions which is entirely Cloud Based.

More from Billia

All of these are some of the most important, but nearly not all, features and functionalities of the Billia billing and automation engine. It was designed for eCommerce businesses such as hosters and telcos, but depending on the preferences, it can be used for other smaller, larger or enterprise businesses.

Here is also what Billia offers as innovative and almost exclusive features:

  1. 15+ microservices
  2. Reusable services
  3. Full API
  4. OpenAPI3 specification
  5. Open-sourced Standard for packaging applications
  6. Development of own plugins
  7. Remote and language agnostic plugins
  8. Powerful retry strategy for occurring errors
  9. Sell first, automate later processes
  10. Enterprise readiness
  11. SDK
  12. Perpetual license
  13. SLA

We would like to note that any billing solution you choose would do a great job for your business and company. Billia will simply do better.

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