Billia - the latest updates

Billia - the latest updates

It has been some time since the last blog article we wrote on the improvements and changes we’ve done to Billia. The year has so far been hectic and complicated for everyone. But we are all giving our best to push through and today, we have some new Billia updates. Here are the highlights.

One of the main components that we stressed on the past few months was the Billia Store. We have come to the conclusion that perfection is often found in the details. So many of our focus went on improving the shopping experience with Billia Store even more.

New marketing label system

Billia Store

New labels are now available in the Billia Store that display promotions and discounts. They all have very specific purposes and are displayed in various positions in the Billia Store.


1.The first label is the "product_tag_qty_12" label. It is predefined for subscription-based products, such as hosting plans (they require a choice for usage term length during purchase). The value is a text that can be customized as preferred. This label is configured in the frontend to be visualized during the purchase process, on the step for choosing the term length.


2.The next label is titled "product_tag" and is set up for more of a custom approach. Its value can be pre-set to display either "Limited time", "Best Market price", or "Promo", depending on the current preference. This label is configured to be visualized in the frontend, as well on the step with search results during the purchase process specifically for domains.


3.A discount label can also be automatically configured by the system whenever a specific Catalog Product has a discount attached to it. It will be displayed mainly for domains in the search results list.


4.Finally, the “Special Catalog Product” label is automatically attached to a domain type (TLD) of a Catalog Product depending on its sorting. In the Products' list in the Billia Management Panel each product has a "sorting number" which dictates how high or low in the list this domain TLD will be sorted. Top 10 domain TLDs will automatically receive the label "Special" in the Billia Store, in the domain search results' page.

Product bundles

Billia Store


Products can now be bundled in a way where the second product can be purchased for free for e.g. the first year of the subscription. The setup is made so it is easy for the user to navigate, while at the same time its marketing strategy and position in the Billia Store allows for the customer to purchase it and potentially more products and services.

Document Templates preview

Management Panel


Moreover, a preview option has now been added to all Document templates. Before document templates are saved or distributed to customers, they can be previewed in their final look by Administrators so that it is known whether changes need to be made. Previously, this feature was available for Email Templates only.

Username modification

Management Panel


Usernames can now be changed by Administrators, as well. Due to the fact that each company will utilize Billia in different ways, this option came to be requested and eventually built in. Accessing the user’s profile in the Management Panel will display a new icon to modify that user’s username.

Other updates from our last ChangeLog include also:

  1. An official system translation functionality in the Management Panel and Customer Portal.
  2. Improved discount search in the Management Panel.
  3. Loading products and services in the shopping cart is also improved in its details, such as additional descriptors having been added to the products.
  4. Improved pages, where different sections of the panel are indicated with their specific titles on separate tabs for easier browser navigation.
  5. Negative amounts can be put on manual invoices to indicate discounts.
  6. Phone numbers of unsupported countries will not be validated.