Billia Store is Open

Billia Store is Open

Billia Store: Sell Smarter, Sell More!

Have you experienced issues with guiding your customers through the purchase lifecycle and up-selling them with products and services they need? Billia Store has been designed to take care of this and help you sell more of your offerings.

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What is Billia Store?

After months of hard work and precise development ApiHawk is releasing Billia Store – a powerful and flexible software that helps you sell your products in a smart and efficient way. The solution guides the buyer in every step of their purchasing process while constantly adding value to the items already in the shopping cart. With Billia Store you can sell almost everything from shared hosting and domains to SSL, cloud, and e-mail solutions. Additional products and services could be sold from the same place as well.

Everything is controlled within Billia so the whole process is as flexible as possible.


We believe that Billia Store is one of a kind due to the range of benefits it brings to your business and the possibilities it provides for revenue increase:

Landing page

Landing page for every product category: The software already supports Domains, Shared hosting, SSL, Cloud, Enterprise email, and Generic view pages. Simply said, if you are a hosting company you already have landing pages developed for all your needs. In case you are selling anything else you can just use the Generic view one.

This method has been proven as the only working solution on the market.

Advanced Domain Search

Advanced Domain Search with TLD and SLD suggestion support: Among the most useful features of the software is its domain search ability that suggests you the best possible domain name for a website in no time. It shows you not only the TLDs available with the desired SLD name but also hints about derivatives of the SLD that seem attractive and may become popular.


Up-selling clients on every step: The best time to up-sell a customer is while they are in the process of order completion. For example, if a customer is about to purchase a shared hosting plan and a domain name from your company, why not offer them a discount on SSL certificate? Or a bundle price for all three?

You can also place advertising banners with featured products with a direct "add to cart" option.

Sell Products

Sell products with multi profile support: One service owner can have multiple billing addresses, which is extremely useful for personal and corporate accounts.

Powerful login

Powerful login and register functionality for lowering your customers bounce rate: What you definitely DO NOT WANT is people leaving your site as soon as they realise the complexity of the registration and order process. With Billia Store you can create an account with only 1 e-mail address. Users can use social logins and can create their own personalised welcoming screen as well.

How Billia Store will boost your business performance

All the benefits of the software can hardly be defined in a single blog post. However, if we only point out increasing revenue, greater customer satisfaction, higher number of products sold, and user-friendly check-out process, then we already have enough reasons to consider Billia Store as a must have for your business.

Up-selling your customers at every stage is a satisfaction guarantee for both sides: your clients will be sure to get all the necessary and value-added services for their needs. At the same time you will be using an extremely efficient channel to promote and sell your service portfolio.

The powerful domain search makes it possible for you to offer a great variety of domain names available.

"ApiHawk developed Billia Store with the ambition to support innovative companies that never stop looking for ways to grow, sell more, and attract new customers. Our software is a great addition to our portfolio of flexible and high-tech solutions for IT companies." – Pavel Nikolov, CEO, ApiHawk

And Billia Store is just one of our new releases. Check out all the great solutions we launched in Billia [3.5.0].