Billia: New Features, New Website, New Business Model

Billia: New Features, New Website, New Business Model

Billia: New Features, New Website, New Business Model

We kept our promise! Billia is getting better. So is the way we are offering the software and the business model we use to make it suitable for your company. Billia is now open-source аnd by the way, did you notice our updated website?

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Three pricing plans. Montly Payments.

We heard your voice. You wanted to see specific features of the software allocated into pricing plans created in accordance to your business. You wanted your choice to be easier when looking for billing solution to fit in your small IT company or multi-level organization. You wanted more flexibility and detailed information. Here is what we have for you:

1) "Great Start" for your business

This is the smartest solution we have for small companies and startups. Here you have a complete set of features and opportunities to set up and grow a successful IT company, to sell shared hosting, domains and more. You will be able to automate your business and, for your convenience, you will rely on 24/7 support from our team. Thus, you will be sure that all emerging issues will get a timely solution.

2) Plan for those who are "Already Pro"

You run a successful business with growing perspectives. You want to scale and you need more powerful functionalities. We gathered all these features we consider a must have for serious hosting providers and telcos. Invoice and document management, live chat and tickets, affiliate systems, and multi-currency support will be available with this pricing plan.

3) Do you want to be "The Leader"?

We know you want to run your large business smoothly. We know your business model is not like any other in your industry. You need a reliable billing solution and a software that will take care of the management of your customers, orders, products, and communication. Moreover, you probably want a solution that will monitor all of the above and provide reports and statistics for your company's performance. And...wait for it!

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Billia is now open-source! ❤️

Yes, you can get Billia's source code and use it in favor of your business! We made it possible for our clients who want to gain full control over their system and have access to all available settings. ApiHawk is the first company to do this and Billia is the first software of its kind and rank that has been made open source for its users.

You can have Billia deployed in your own data center which will give you maximum level of accessibility, security, and control.

Technical support

We now offer 24/7 support for Billia's usersin case of urgent issues. We can help you reduce the time and cost to fix problems no matter how complex they are. You can find detailed explanation with definitions and supported cases here.(Support SLA)

New Website

With so many new features and options Billia is now big enough to have its own website. Check out Billia's new home to learn more about the software, its features, and pricing plans. Do not hesitate to get in touch with the ApiHawk team in case you have any questions and concerns.

We launched all these new options taking into account your will and feedback. We are constantly trying to make Billia more and more flexible so that it can perfectly accommodate your business needs. And we are not done yet!

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