Billia 4.4 - more improvements

Billia 4.4 - more improvements

A new day, a new update. We have a lot to share with Billia’s new version 4.4. With every change we make, we strive to improve Billia - make it more flexible, convenient for use and better than any other similar software. With this in mind, we have now completely refactored some main components of the Billia software. These include the configuration of Billia’s database, the way Payment methods work and process information, the process of generating documents for purchases, the login process of users and much more.

method per profile

Billia Payments system

Management Panel Document Manager

Billia’s eCommerce functionality is designed to provide diverse settings and options, while also processing information quickly. Many system features contribute to that. At the same time, our desires and preferences as consumers constantly change with every digital advance that promises to make online shopping faster and easier for us. So in the past few months we redesigned the Payments system of Billia to do exactly that.

Payment methods are now configured to be visible for particular user profile types. The available ones are a “company” and an “individual” profile. This way during checkout the payment methods visible will depend on the user profile making the purchase.

doc per profile

Now you can set up specific financial documents to be generated based on the user profile placing the purchase. This feature depends on the configuration of each Payment method in the system.

New settings have been added to the configuration of a payment method in the system. The “handling fee” setting defines the various payment gateways’ additional transaction fees and the “retail price” setting visualizes the product’s original/general pricing, which can be in great contrast to discounted items and a sales booster.


An automatic process for converting currencies has been embedded. Some payment gateways don’t support all or enough currencies. This results in customers from countries with unsupported currency not being able to use that gate’s respective payment method. So, in response, we developed the “convert to currency” setting which automatically converts the purchase’s payment’s currency to a one the gateway can support. This way customers can use whatever payment method they want without worry or failure. “Convert to currency” can be set in each payment method’s configuration.


A new section has been added to the Payment method’s page, titled “Gateways”. The payment gateways listed there are services that authorize the processing of the configured methods’ payments for e-businesses and online retailers; the same that Billia supports. This detailing makes for a better configuration and management of payment methods and their processes.

account activate

Account activation

Management Panel Customer Panel

Another major change we did was to modify the process of user account activation. Like many other subscribe-to platforms and software, we had designed Billia to accept new users and activate them via temporary passwords sent over email. Over time, this method proved to be more complicated and unhelpful than effective.

So we redesigned the entire account activation process. Now, new users receive an email to activate their account and are automatically redirected to a form to input their own preferred password. When a customer wants to reset a password, they receive the same email message which would redirect them to the form for password input.

This way customers don’t have to rely on automatically generated passwords and are responsible for their own login password strength. At the same time the system is eased not having to generate passwords anymore and is only responsible for the sending and resending of email templates containing the password form, which is easily done with Eventor. Afterwards the selected passwords are simply saved in the database.

Administrators’ process of manually activating a user from the Billia Management panel has too been simplified in the same manner. When a user is “inactive”, it can be either manually activated from the customer’s details page or a user activation email can be sent from the same place.

Billia goes full international

Management Panel

Thanks to the devoted work of our developers, more countries and currencies have been now configured and added to the database of Billia. This includes over 170 new currencies and more than 100 countries that are now available for postal code validation. In order to be implemented by customers and-users, they just need to be enabled from the Billia Management panel.


Broadened Administrator roles’ management

Management Panel

Now various Administrator roles can be assigned to newly created or already existing Admins in the system. This is done through a specific section in the Billia Management Panel. The main prerequisite is that the admin-related roles are already created, in order to be able to be attached to the specific Administrator.


AppCell integration in Billia Management Panel

Management Panel AppCell

AppCell is now integrated in the Billia Management Panel. The dedicated sections provide management over AppCell features such as - general Plugins’ configuration and details, Cells’ status and Plugins’ execution details. The Cells included and integrated into the platform would depend on the business and its preferences of services to sell.


Refactored Vault Configuration

Management Panel

Billia’s previous Vault Configuration came to be no longer ineffective with the integration of AppCell. Third party software were unable to be correctly configured. So we refactored the entire process and divided the category in two - Internal configurations, that are automatically exported as PHP configs, and External configurations, which can be used only via API and are sorted per Reseller.

More improvements and updates:

  • TimeZone support on profile creation is now based on the customer’s GeoIP location.
  • The code base of the Billia API engine is now completely reformatted, inspected and optimized, following all coding standards.
  • Payment methods on already paid orders can no longer be modified, not even by Administrators.
  • Error handling and system messaging has been improved for various aspects - for RegistryEU, when creating previously deleted users in the database, etc.
  • Improved Label management where when a unique label has been attached to a resource, it can no longer be used for another resource.
  • A single promo code can now be attached to more than one discount for the same product. The discounts just need to differentiate by period only.
  • When a product migration has been initiated the system does not allow for another one for the same product to be started. The initial migration must be first canceled before starting a new one.
  • New Customer panel notifications with improved notification management in admin areas have been developed.