Billia 3.7 - What's new?

Billia 3.7 - What's new?

Billia keeps growing and improving. Little by little the Billia engine evolves to become bigger, better and more convenient to use. We are here to announce our newest updates on ApiHawk’s Billing Cloud & Automation software!

[Management Panel] Testing new Eventor flows in the system

test eventor

ApiHawk’s Eventor is known for its flexibility and innovative ways of work. Now it is even easier to process Eventor flows as they can be tested beforehand. Тhe system can be used to populate example data while creating an Eventor flow and then manually activate it in order to test it. After the test completes and all results are as per preference, modify the flow details to work and deliver as desired.

[Customer Portal] New affiliate promo codes

We created the Affiliate system of Billia to help customers and businesses in product affiliate promopromotion and customer satisfaction. Now, there is a new functionality for affiliates to create their own promo codes. Such promo codes can be given by affiliates to customers and commission can be therefor shared.

[Management Panel] New visibility on abandoned items in shopping carts

A new functionality for the Billia Management Panel has been designed - to be able to monitor all abandoned items in user’s abandoned cartsshopping carts. The module lists all cart items along with users and respective dates added to the cart. This new functionality allows for re-targeting customers at a later stage with the intention to finalise their order.

[Management Panel] Panel helpers

management helpers In order to make the use of the Billia Management Panel as convenient as possible for Administrators, new real-time helpers have been installed. They represent little tips on what certain fields do and what type of data is required for them. These tool tip helpers can be accessed by pressing the ? icon next to each label/field on the interface of the Billia Management Panel.

[Management Panel] Set due days for products before they expire

This action creates an upfront due date for each product/service in the system before it expires. At that point the system begins processing the action to find the payment for the renewal of that product/service. All of this is communicated with the user and gives them enough time to pay for their product before it expires.

[BackEnd] New: Customer Product Finder

A new API development, used for finding customer products based on multi options criteria. The RPC supports text and functional based values for the options, i.e., you can specify search criteria like: cpanelusername: apihawk AND sshaccess: On