ApiHawk is going to present its new products on WHD.global 2017

ApiHawk is going to present its new products on WHD.global 2017

WorldHostingDays 2017 is coming and it will take place on March 25-31 in Rust, Germany. WorldHostingDays is the biggest event in the hosting industry. Since 2003 every year it gives you the unique opportunity to meet leading experts and professionals from all over the world, exchange ideas, have long conversations about important technological topics and learn about the innovations in the digital world. We are happy to announce that this year ApiHawk is going to be part of this fantastic event and present its new products. Come to learn how the digital technologies shape our current and our future world.

Who are we? ApiHawk is a premium software company designed to meet the challenges of the high-tech industry and its needs. We are professionals in hosting and domain managemnet areas and we offer solutions for hosting companies and telecoms. Our main focus is to create more efficient, more accessible, smarter and faster solutions of a new generation so that we can be in service of a business that plans to grow faster and faster.

Let us present you our new products:

ApiHawk Prime® provides you with API-based solution for running your hosting business. Unlike other similar products ApiHawk Prime is fully-flexible system built on events and the tasks that comes with them. It automates the whole process of managing your products and serving your clients. The system allows you to create “logics” – tasks which are aasigned to events and are conducted only when these events occur. The easy-to-use user interface makes the product suitable for people with limited technical competence. This will save your money because you won’t need specialized professionals when you work with ApiHawk Prime. Main advantages:

  • Automation – Minmizes the possible errors and allows you to execute multiple automated tasks. This is the key to high efficiency that every modern business needs.
  • Management – Provides you with full control of your entire stack of tasks which gives you the liberty to grow faster without having to overcome the difficulties that traditionally come with growing.
  • Flexibility – Flexibilty is one of the keys of the successful business. ApiHawk Prime combines a number of concepts designed to facilitate the dynamic changes in the business processes. Thanks to the flexibility of our product you will get the chance to enjoy a brilliant work and degree of customization of a new generation that guarantees you 100% satisfaction while working with the system.

ApiHawk Gear® provides full control over your system – from clients and stuff to orders and transactions, as well as automation of all product.

Main advantages:

  • Monitoring – Provides convenient monitoring on infrastructure and application level.
  • Event oriented – Event-based model for situations that occur in the system and for pre-defined tasks that have been assigned to them in order to automate their implementation in case of daily and peak-hour workload.
  • Process and socket managing – Guarantees you the ultimate success of each tasks. The product is able to manage even unforseen errors in the system.
  • Asynchronous management tasks - The parallel management of multiple number of tasks following an asynchronous principle guarantees the redistribution of the resources in the most effective way for your business. 
  • Simple interface – ApiHawk Gear is extremely easy to handle.
  • Time and Rate limits - Provides you with the convenient and easy to apply opportunity to define when and how to implement the different types of tasks.

ApiHawk is a company that has proven as a reliable and responsible partner for smaller and bigger companies. Do you want to know more about our products? Come visit us! We will be waiting for you at our booth G20. Let us surprise you! Let us inspire you!

See you there!