Why API? The Business Perspective of our Clients

Why API? The Business Perspective of our Clients

The Business Environment:

If you have been looking for a software solution for your business recently, chances are you have run into the acronym API. Compared to conventional software products, which are sold on an “as it is” basis, APIs (application programming interface) allow you to customize, develop, expand and modify the product you’ve subscribed for in a way that best suits your needs. Simply talking, APIs are the middle “man” between your customers and the service you are offering. Whenever somebody wants to access a set of data from your application, a request is send to the application and, if allowed, the application returns the data. For software products of the past, the optimal solution was to let your customers communicate with your application directly. However, as software solutions become more and more customizable, this level of flexibility becomes impossible for your application to handle without a third-party intermediary. The Application Programming Interface (or API, for short) serves as that middleman—a set of rules on how two applications can communicate between themselves.


It can be difficult for a business to make the right call when choosing an API product for their needs, and sometimes much important information is lost in the technical details of the different options. APIs come in all “sizes and shapes”. While the basic operational principle is the same for all programming interfaces, the variations in the details and effectiveness are what make the difference between a successful business solution and a subpar choice. When you introduce an API to your business, numerous new problems emerge in regards to documentation, security, costs, etc.


API Pattern – that’s the name of the low-coupling modular solution developed by APIHawk for your business. API Pattern consists of a core of components which can be expanded with variety of “resources”—plugins and modules which operate independently of one another and can be turned on or off at any given time. This allows for a high level of flexibility and security at the same time. API Pattern is fully customizable and comes with comprehensive documentation. With APIHawk you are choosing not only an API product—you are receiving a full customizable solution that you can easily fit to your specific requirements, without the need of additional software specialists with specific programming skills.

API Pattern allows you to:

  • Customization: When you are choosing an “as-is” monolithic software solution for your business, you are forced to choose between basing your decision on your current requirements, or trying to predict what your needs will be down the road. With API Pattern, you can start with the core components and install additional plugins when your business needs call for it. API Pattern can be customized, expanded and modified without any alterations to its core components.
  • Low coupling: API Pattern comes with different “resources”—independent modules and plugins which can be installed or deactivated at any given time. This makes our product a scalable solution that can change in size with your business. Installing a new component is as easy as few clicks of the mouse, and you don’t need any programming skills to activate or deactivate a resource.
  • Secured: the different modules communicate between themselves through an API layer over HTTP, which allows you to scale the security according to your needs. You can control the access to any of the modules individually—for example you can limit the access developers have to different plugins and modules. E.g.: if you need to hire frontend developers for the design of your product, you don’t need to give them full access to all of the components of your software. With API Pattern, you can give them access only to the frontend-related components (and vice versa—backend developers can be limited only to the backend-related components).
  • Standardized: Every software specialist knows how to operate with our API solution. The threshold for understanding how a given module or resource operates is very low—the customization power of API Pattern doesn’t come at the price of usability.
  • Documented: API Pattern is 100% API ready and every operation, activity, call, plugin and module is fully documented—a rarity on the software market.