Billia: Welcome, GDPR!

Billia: Welcome, GDPR!

With GDPR knocking at the door every business and organization should ask themselves whether their business, staff, and products and services they deliver comply with the new requirements and laws for personal data security and protection. Our team has not only taken GDPR seriously, but we have also provided the solution for the new regulation. The answer is called “Billia” – ApiHawk’s most complete and intelligent billing & automation software for hosters and domainers.

We completely understand how important it is to use personal data properly and to keep it protected from breaches. So does our software. It is fully adaptive to the processes within any organization and it will comply with all requirements of the GDPR at the same time. One of the features of Billia is the ability to record and process every single action that a customer or a software administrator undertakes. Thus, you will be ready to guarantee and prove that you handle personal data properly. Moreover, with Billia you can easily ask for and get the consent of your customers to use their personal data for sales and marketing purposes. Due to the software’s API architecture, customers’ personal data is kept secured in a single place so that all requests and activities could be controlled and recorded.

The GDPR is not only related to protection of personal data but it also requires giving individuals full control over what information organizations have of them and how they make use of it. If you integrate Billia in your business you could easily provide your customers with a copy of everything you know about them. They can download it or immediately request its deletion from your system. Meanwhile, you don’t need to take any actions – Billia will do it for you.

What if data breach occurs? Another feature of the software allows for automatic breach detection and reports to the main status page. This solves one of the main concerns for every business – how to report identified data breach within 72 hours.

No matter the type of business you are in, it is critical for you to consider taking measures for avoiding losses and fines after 25th May 2018. You have to take care of numerous processes that occur within your company in order to guarantee transparency, accessibility, and protection of personal data you keep and work with. Be ready to invest time and money and to put some effort if you want to be compliant with the new EU regulation. On the other hand, you can save time and money and allow Billia to do it for you.

If you have concerns do not hesitate to contact ApiHawk’s team with all your questions and worries. We are GDPR-ready and we have ensured a full-time data protection officer who will deal with all problems you may have. Moreover, we are proud to launch the first software in Europe of its kind that is also GDPR-ready. Being compliant with GDPR requirements does not look like a big challenge anymore, does it?