Billia: Billing Software with €100,000 Warranty

Billia: Billing Software with €100,000 Warranty

We did something that has never been done before in the industry! We decided to upgrade Billia to be even more trustworthy! We now offer great warranty with the smooth integration and work of Billia with your business!

€100,000 warranty with Billia

We understand that many organizations face concerns seeking suitable software to scale and manage their business. They question the ability of a given solution to satisfy their needs and to adapt to their workflow. While most software products on the market cannot fully accomplish this, Billia on the other hand is flexible enough to adjust to your business regardless of what you do and sell. In order to prove it, we now offer ApiHawk Billia with €100,000 warranty in case of any trouble to your business that can cause you to go out of production. We are proud to be the first and only ones implementing this at the moment!

Why is a warranty so important for your business? It is because the integration of new software to manage your company is a big and crucial move. It can either boost your business or result in complete disaster. Let us remind you of the case of Lidl where the company wasted €500 000 000 over seven years for the development and integration of a software product that turned out to be basically useless. The company couldn’t adapt its workflow to the software specifications and, eventually, canceled the project. The big mistake here being that any company shouldn’t have to adapt to any software specifications, rather it must be the other way around.

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Why we are doing it

We believe that you have your own way of doing business that makes you stand out of the crowd. Therefore, you need a custom software solution that works according to your requirements and needs. Unfortunately, many of the “big players” on the market don’t offer customizations while at the same time the SMEs are flexible but not trusted enough to be partners with your business. Billia stands just in the middle:

  • We offer the most flexible billing software in the industry: no matter if you sell shared hosting, domain names, cloud services or vegetables, we can adapt Billia to your current workflow. If you want to scale your business or need further adjustments, this could be done in no time.
  • We want to be your trusted partner: We are responsible for delivering a reliable billing solution that could be easily integrated and used within your organization. You need to know that the software will be receiving further maintenance and updates. Thanks to our expertise we are sure we can make it work! Here is why a €100,000 seems a reasonable warranty to prove it.
  • We serve hosting companies and IT businesses that want to be the leaders on their market: These companies cannot afford going out of production due to billing software malfunction. They want to feel comfortable running their business without worrying about the billing and automation service they use and the potential loss they may generate in case of a problem.

The warranty is backed by ApiHawk’s Professional Liability Insurance & Reinsurance Policy from Royalton Capital Investors II insurance company CertAsig.

To sum up: How can you get €100,000? (you can’t but you can try)

If you are still looking at the numbers, here is how you can take this money:

We will do our best to customize Billia according to your business needs. We believe that the software will be able to respond to all your requirements and will do a great job for your organization. With “The Leader” plan of Billia you receive the full set of features we have developed and enabled so far. It will be deployed in your own data center and you will gain full API access that guarantees more control over your systems.

Because every business needs guarantee for success.

Another great news: Billia 3.6 has just arrived! Check out what’s new in the latest version of our billing & automation software.