ApiHawk: We are changing the industry again

ApiHawk: We are changing the industry again

Something really huge and really amazing will be a fact soon!

At ApiHawk we are constantly focused on helping the hosting industry improve and ease the day-to-day work process in regards to the nowadays used billing and automation infrastructure. This isn’t an easy task, but nothing is impossible for our hawks!

As we have previously mentioned, our ApiHawk software gurus are in the process of developing a new industry-changing software as part of an EU grant program. We call it - AppCell.

We have invested a great amount of resources in developing this product and now its first stage is complete! We know we still have a long way to go but we can’t help but give you a little tease on what to expect.

What is AppCell?

AppCell is an orchestrative software that incorporates a plugin architecture. It allows one software to communicate with multiple other such without coupling, modifying the main software source, or hard-coding plugins. This way the integration of various softwares and the migration of services between such will become faster, more secure and more easily accomplished.

What to expect?

The development of AppCell is complete on its first stage. We now have the actual API architecture and it works brilliantly. The next stage is considered the “hard part” but that doesn’t frighten us. Up next is to actually develop the architecture of the various plugins divided in groups of logical software types, e.g. DNS management software.

That way we will be able to isolate common properties between various such representatives, e.g. cPanel DNS, CloudFlare DNS, etc., then develop one general standard for that type of software, and finally incorporate it in AppCell as a plugin architecture of that type. I.e. DNS Management.

We expect to officially launch AppCell as a brand new feature in Billia 4.0. Keep up with our Blog to see when that will be!

What we can tell you so far:

  1. AppCell allows you to create and use dynamic and hybrid plugins;
  2. Administrators configure the plugins from within the Billia Management Panel and decide their flows;
  3. No hard-coding or programming language modification is required;
  4. AppCell works with dynamic events, which incorporate various resources being created in the same cell;
  5. Conditions can be attached to actions when they are executed;
  6. The entire communication will pass through a message queue;
  7. The process of actually using AppCell will save you time, man-power, financial and software resources.

And finally - AppCell is actually not Billia-specific. We do recommend using it with our powerful billing and automation engine. Still, we will assist you in the integration of AppCell to your business and any other main software you would like to use it with!

To find more about AppCell, stay tuned with our Blog and social channels. For questions on Billia don’t hesitate and contact us!