Hosting Market Share in Southeast Europe For February 2017

Hosting Market Share in Southeast Europe For February 2017

The statistics for the second month of 2017 do not surprise with any sudden changes. As you can see the trends are met—Cloud-based products are continuing to rise and currently sit at 17,38% of the market, at the expense of Dedicated servers (25,22%) and Shared Hosting solutions (33,40%).

Hosting Market in Southeast Europe For February 2017

Shared Hosting is expected to hold its position and remain the dominant hosting solution for websites in 2017. Its efficiency allows it to stay the mainstream option for small to mid-sized websites. Currently, 88,3% of all the websites in the region are hosted on a shared hosting solution.

In the domain industry, .com will remain the most popular and requested TLD in 2017, with 80% of all websites ending in .com—more than 125 million .com addresses on the internet. In February 2017, there were 300,000 new .com new domain names registered.

78% percent of the domain names are registered in Europe and North Africa, while Asia is responsible only for 13% of all registrations. Despite this margin, Asia remains the fastest growing hosting market in the world, with over 48% of all internet users worldwide coming from the continent. In the following months, this statistic is going to be extended to include the Asian Market and better reflect the huge potential it has for every Service Provider.

These statistics are based on ApiHawk’s market experience as well as on information from business insiders in the region.