Happy Programmers' Day

Happy Programmers' Day

It’s a day for celebration at ApiHawk!

Today is Programmer’s Day and for the team this is the most important holiday of the year. On this festive day we want to share with you the intoxicating emotion of being a programmer and celebrate the existence of our beloved programing language that made us the cool people that we are today!

What’s Programmer’s Day?

Programmer’s Day is the most significant holiday for any self-respecting developer. Originating in Russia, nowadays it has become a professional holiday for millions of programmers around the world. It is celebrated on 256th day of the year: on a leap year - on September 12th, and common year - on September 13th. The number 256 represents the maximum number of values that can be encoded with one byte (8 bits).

Tradition demands that on this memorable day programmers must be treated with pizza, soda, and beer for the amazing work they did and the glorious code they wrote.

We will also celebrate today in full throttle in order to gather cosmic energy and make our software cooler, better, and sassier!