The most artistic person in ApiHawk’s team is ready to spread knowledge

The most artistic person in ApiHawk’s team is ready to spread knowledge

We have some exciting news to share with you today. Our Art Director, Ivan Savkov, will be joining a team of highly qualified professionals working in the creative field, in an educational course seeking to train the next wave of talented people with a thing for creative web endeavors. With almost 10 years of experience it was just a matter of time for him to decide to share his knowledge with promising future graduates.

An artist by heart, Ivan has started as a painter but has soon found his way to graphic, web and mobile design. Throughout the years he has worked in different aspects of design – print, commercial and nowadays, mostly UX and UI design for mobile apps, games and software. In his course he is going to cover just one of his passions – Adobe Photoshop. He is going to help beginners make their first steps using the popular software. His course is going to cover all the aspects that are necessary for the successful and effective usage of Photoshop. Despite his busy workday he found the time to share a few words with us about the upcoming project called SoftUni Creative and his contribution as a lecturer in it.

Talking about making first steps in something new. Is this your first time teaching and becoming a lecturer?

Ivan: Well, I have some experience behind me, but this will be my first project of such a grand scale. We expect at least a thousand people who are going to be part of the program. This includes our online platform in which students will also enroll and will learn in front of their computers. The whole course with all the subjects in the curriculum will take around 11 months to complete.

How excited are you when it comes to educating young people in web design?

Ivan: I can say I look forward to this very much, mainly because I really feel like I have something to give to these people. It won’t be an easy task, I won’t lie, but in the end I think it will very much be worth it and all participants will leave with something of value.

Why Photoshop? Is it your go-to or you just decided you can teach it the best out of all graphic editors?

Ivan: As a former painter I get extreme pleasure from making things up from scratch. All things, no matter if it is a kind of software or just an empty canvas, that make it possible for me to create stuff are my favorite things in the world. Photoshop allows me to express my vision, so I will be very passionate when teaching it, because I will be rooting for these beginners to grow to love Photoshop and web creative as a whole.

Ok thank you for your time, we wish you success and inspiration. Just make sure you don’t forget your ApiHawk commitments!!

Ivan (laughts): How can I? Matter of fact, let me show you this new design I just made.

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