Announcing Prime’s new name. Meet Billia

Announcing Prime’s new name. Meet Billia

It has been three years since our team launched ApiHawk PrIme – a new generation software created to ease the optimization of ISP companies and to ensure full control over operational activities and tasks. We did not only develop a new tool – we created a whole new and innovative approach towards management and problem-solving for growing businesses. ApiHawk PrIme turned out to be very successful due to its combination of flexibility and adaptability to constantly changing environments.

We are constantly working on improving our software and we are proud to say that the results exceed our expectations. We have a tool with such great performance that can satisfy the needs of growing companies and that can adapt to dynamic changes in business environments. Therefore, we are ready to announce the next step in our software development – ApiHawk PrIme’s new name – Billia.

Why Billia?

Your feedback made us feel confident in taking this step and giving it a new name. We wanted something that will make the software easy to find, a name that would correspond with the high potential of the product and its features. A name that would be easy to remember and recognize. That’s how we came up with the perfect fit. “Billia” sounds outstanding and unique – exactly what our product is.

The name switch comes more as a natural process rather than as a surprise. It reflects the evolution from an innovative and creative idea to the development of a promising and intelligent software. It is part of our strategy to reach wider range of companies and demonstrate our ready-to-implement solution for their businesses.

Although a rebranding process may often seem tough we are not afraid to initiate it and win it. We believe that constant innovation is vital for technology companies aiming at expanding their positions. Switching to a better name for our core product is definitely a step forward. Being proactive instead of reacting to problems and issues is even better. That’s exactly what we have done – we have found ways to bring our software to new heights and its new name is just the beginning.

Billia is the main and the most complete product that the Apihawk team has created. It is not designed just to help and support your business processes. It is created to control and handle them, to deal with day-to-day tasks and to bring high level of automatization in the company. It combines all-in-one the whole set of solutions you need to manage your business. And last but not least, it is applicable to any kind of companies due to its flexibility and level of intelligence.

If you are managing a business you may be interested in reading more about the benefits that Billia can bring to your organization.

Check out Billia’s features and get familiar with all the opportunities here: Billia - Cloud Billing & Automation