Biggest Cloud vendor in Bulgaria upgraded to ApiHawk Billia

Biggest Cloud vendor in Bulgaria upgraded to ApiHawk Billia

“Thanks to Billia we were able to rapidly expand our business and continue maintaining the quality of our service. The optimized billing process resulted in improved financial performance and greater satisfaction for both our clients and employees. With the adoption of Billia we expect to increase our revenue from domain name sales by 40% within six months.”

Julian Borislavov, CEO, ICN.Bg

Executive Summary needed to find a flexible solution for the management of its offerings, order processing, and client servicing. The adoption of Billia allowed for the hosting provider to increase its revenue, provide greater value for its customers, and better handle the growing demand for its products. At the same time the company received a powerful and easy-to-use tool for buyer upsell, marketing communication, and customer retention.

About ICN.Bg is the most reliable hosting provider operating on the Bulgarian market. The company was established in 2004 and since then has experienced a remarkable growth in its portfolio of offerings and clients. In addition to the variety of hosting services provided, has developed several other IT solutions that aim at improving the business communication process and the security of users and websites on the Internet. Thanks to the successful integration of its products within various IT and telecommunication companies worldwide, has been nominated and awarded for “Business Project of the year 2017” and “IT Project of the year 2018” in Bulgaria.

Business Challenges

During the last few years has experienced a remarkable growth in the demand of its products and services. The company was challenged by the increase of customer base and the more complex product requests buyers were expecting. The staff needed more tools that could allow for simpler management of products, orders, and transactions. The management required a clear solution for workflow monitoring and performance evaluation. The marketing department insisted on getting additional options and channels for marketing activities and communications as well. The sales personnel, on the other hand, was looking for more flexibility when approaching clients with offers and adding value to their experience.

The rate of scaling and workflow automation did not match the pace at which the business was expanding. What the company needed was high level of flexibility and a cost-effective solution that could adapt to the specific industry and company environment.

Another issue was finding a solution to increase the sales of domain names and make it possible for clients to get the most appropriate SLD and TLD names available for their websites.


ApiHawk Billia turned out to be the solution that fit the complex needs of the hosting provider. Adopting the software resulted in improvements in the thorough process of workflow management from a client placing the order, through their product activation and follow-up service by the company. At the same time all activities remained easily monitored and could be refined at any stage. is now able to sell shared hosting, domain names, cloud, VPS, SSL certificates and value-added services through a single platform with less effort and greater efficiency. Clients are now receiving better user experience while purchasing their products and finalizing their transactions. The facilitated billing process and additional features of the software lead to increased revenue streams and improved customer service.

The powerful all-in-one domain search engine will result in at least 40% growth in revenue from domain sales for ApiHawk was able to provide this solution thanks to its partnership with DomainsBot and DomainEye.

Billia Benefits

Transitioning to Billia enabled to optimize their whole client management process, provide better service, and increase revenue streams.

1 . Competitive advantage.

After the adoption of Billia, has become more competitive due to the improved customer service, shortened response time, and improved issue-resolving cycle. The staff is now able to handle and process higher number of requests and automate almost the entire billing process.

2 . Increased domain sales.

The hosting provider reported for a notable increase in the sales of domain names thanks to the integrated powerful domain search in Billia Store. Moreover, clients are able to find the most appropriate SLDs and TLDs for their website that are available for registration and are being suggested by the search engine.

3 . Facilitated upselling process.

Another feature of Billia Store enables the company to offer and upsell buyers even before checking out. Clients are being offered the additional products they may need at the time when they are most likely to buy them. This has resulted in increased revenue and increased customer retention rate for the company.

4 . Refined communication with customers.

Managing multiple communication channels with customers is another benefit has gained since adopting Billia. In addition to the traditional automated e-mails for customers including order and payment details, the company is now able to sell additional information, newsletters and notifications from a single management panel.

5 . Marketing tools.

Managing discounts, generating promo codes, and promotion management are now being done with greater flexibility and ease. In addition to personalized offerings, the company can now bundle any set of products in no time as part of its pricing strategy.

6 . New customer portal.

The launch of Billia came with a completely new customer portal that buyers are now using when making a purchase and managing their accounts. The improved UI allows for easier navigation through the system and quick access to any information needed.

“Since we integrated Billia we have become extremely flexible in managing our product portfolio, offerings, and promotions. The software provides better opportunities for us to perform marketing activities and provide customer care more efficiently. At the same time, we notice increased customer satisfaction due to the improved service we deliver.”

Gergana Kuzmanova, CMO, ICN.Bg.